Excursion Gympie / Rainbow Beach

Wednesday morning after having a breakfast at the visitor centre in Glass House Mountains I walked over to the train station and took the only train to Gympie. Actually it was the same train, which I departed exactly 24 hours earlier. The next two hours the train rode through green, hilly hinterland of the sunshine coast, which consists of either bushland or farmland. Most of the people alighted until Nambour, as there’re more regular trains per day. After Glass House Mountains the track was mainly a single track, only at the stations there were sidings to dodge for trains riding in the opposite direction. The railway station in Gympie is nowadays about 5 km out of town, since the electrification of the track, and I couldn’t find any information for some kind of public transport into town, but luckily there’s always a shuttle bus to and from the railway station to the town centre for each train. That’s definitely convenient. Hence, I got dropped off at the same bus station, as the only bus per day which is heading to Rainbow beach would stop just 20 min later. Until Tin Can Bay the bus was pretty fast, but then it drove through the whole community to drop off passengers and even picked up pupils later on, which also needed to be dropped off more or less infront of their houses. I was in the end the second last passenger to get off the bus after two hours, directly in Rainbow beach next to my hostel. After getting checked in I walked to the beach to have a look to Fraser island, and then walked up to the Big Carlo sanddune to enjoy the sunset. There I got into a bit strange conversation. It started harmless, but after he said that Australia doesn’t have a long history, and I replied a white history (because people living here since more than 50,000 years, and not just since more than 200 years), it turned after a few minutes pretty strange, so I felt I needed to leave the scene. And due to this monologue from the bloke, I almost missed the sunset.

Last view to the glass house mountains
The old hotels are always in the vicinity of the train station
The hinterland is pretty green, hilly, and has lot’s of water in the ponds
View from rainbow beach to Fraser island
Big Carlo sanddune…
…during sunset
Connection bus from Gympie Town to Gympie North railway station
My train ticket

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