Rainbow Beach

Yesterday morning I walked for about one hour along the rainbow beach into easterly direction. There were no clouds, but that also meant, there was no shade at all. And even as you’re using sunscreen it gets pretty exhausting after a while. After one hour, at the signs of the national park entry, I found something like shade under some dead bushes. I recovered for about an hour and took some swim in the shallow water, as the current wasn’t that bad at this position, before I walked back for another hour. The most beautiful section of the rainbow beach starts about 2 km after the start. There you can see different patters of sand, from yellow, to red, over grey to white. And the sand is continously trickling from the top to the bottom. Each section is unique and has in itself some beauty.

Rainbow beach is itself a tourist town, full of camper vans (mostly rented), as almost all tourists start their Fraser island “adventure” from here, mostly from guided tours. Everything is organised. They fell out of their buses infront of the hostels. Then they get a short introduction to 4WD driving on sand. The tour guide asked, who has experience in sand driving…none, of the 32 people (I would have, but I’m not part of that game, I only smiled, while I was sitting around and observing this scene). So for 500$ they’re getting a three day/two nights organised “adventure”, where they have to squeeze 8 people in one car. I also asked how much the rent of a Landcruiser would cost, and just for two days I would end up at about 600 $. These people need to have an air conditioning 16° celsius, otherwise they can’t sleep because it’s too hot, a shower twice a day, and getting drunk each day, because that’s lot’s of “fun”…well, that’s not my definition of adventure, once I crossed the Simpson Desert on my own, without A/C, no shower, but for sure one beer after work under the black sky full of stars. So, in essence I’m pretty sure, that I wouldn’t had enjoyed that kind of “adventure” at Fraser island, even if it is the largest sand island of the world.

The lighthouse at Double Island Point is about 15 km away, and hence a long 3 hours walk – one way – along the beach
Even at the beach there’s a speed limit 😉
The sand colors varies from yellow, red, grey to white, and creating individual patterns, while mixing up

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