City Tour Brisbane

Monday morning I started my City tour by walking across the river to the South Bank. It’s basically just a small park, and nowadays the main outdoor attraction might be the large public city beach. Afterwards I headed to the West End suburb, which has quite a different atmosphere. Most shops were closed, as it was public holiday, due to the Australia day the day before. Once I found a coffee shop, as even the ones which were open closed at noon, they charged me a 15% surcharge because of Australia Day public holiday ๐Ÿคจ. Seriously, you’re charging me extra, because I cause you to work…and make revenue for your business! Then I crossed the Brisbane river again and went over to the Old Government House, which was probably the first stone house built in Brisbane in the 1860’s. It’s a nice representative house, and a cool place to stay in for a while. Afterwards I headed north to King George square, passed all the open shops at public holiday…would be interesting to know, if they also charge a surcharge at a public holiday, and the town hall. Then I walked along Ann Street to the east, passed the interesting sculpture of “The Guardian” until I arrived at Saint Johns Cathedral, before I walked to the Eagle Street Pier. From here I could catch a free CityHopper ferry to New Farm park. On the way we passed the large Story bridge. In New Farm park has some rose gardens, but somehow not as large or impressive as I expected. Nevertheless, it’s a nice place to relax, if not constantly attacked by mosquitoes. I took then the ferry to Teneriffe and buy some groceries in the only shop, which was still open after 18 o’clock due to…again…public holidays. Typically it’s not an issue to buy some groceries late in the evening at each day in Australia, especially not in a state capital, but this was different. But in the end I got a transfer ticket, as I tapped in again to the ferry in less than 60 minutes, and had a night cruise of almost one hour along the Brisbane river back to the CBD.

Brisbane river view…
…next to the city beach…
…at South Bank.
Probably freshly painted flag for Australia Day in West End ๐Ÿ˜‰
Old Government House…
…with the large reception hall.
Aahh…back in the days, we had such a great empire…which even reached to Papua New Guinea…no, it won’t come back with Brexit, as I’m talking about Germany ๐Ÿ˜†
Albert Street Uniting Church in CBD
ANZAC park is a small green escape in the CBD
“The Guardian” watches out for our environment
Not only BHP has an office in Brisbane, but also Rio Tinto as can be seen from King George square…no wonder, that “the way you spell jobs in Queensland is A-D-A-N-I” as Michaelia Cash used to say. Saint Johns Cathedral BTW ๐Ÿ˜
New Farm Park with it’s Rose gardens
Blue-Yellow Story bridge during the night river cruise

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