Bouldering Brisbane

Yesterday morning I returned to Brisbane CBD. First I took the bus back from Point Lookout to Dunwich, then the ferry to Cleveland, connection bus to the railway station, and with the commuter train back to the CBD. I put my luggage to the hostel and went in the afternoon to the 9degrees boulder gym in Brisbane. When I went back to the railway station, I just missed my train. So in essence it took me another hour to get there. But luckily it’s just next to the Enoggera railway station, and straight behind the bowling club (yeah, might be confusing…bowling and bouldering…sounds similar, but totally different ๐Ÿ˜‰). The boulder gym wasn’t that busy, just a few people around. In the end I stayed three hours. I talked to the owner, or better she started talking to me, as I wore my Mandala T-Shirt. She told me that she was just recently bouldering there, on her way from Frankfurt to Berlin, she seemed to stop at almost every boulder gym ๐Ÿ˜„. I could even send a red one (V4/V5), which made me pretty proud, as some of the guys, which climb the hard rooftop routes easily, struggled at that one. When I returned I wanted to buy some groceries. Typically that’s not a big issue on a Sunday early evening in a state capital, but as it was Australian Day (they celebrate the British invasion into Australia, not that indigenous people already living here since about 50,000 years or something like that, just that you get the point right) all grocery stores were already closed. So I needed to walk back again to the city in order to get some food.

Returning back to mainland Australia from North Stradbroke island
It’s an interesting concept, but clearly shows once again that you’re treated as inferior as pupil, and not as an equal human being, because you can still occupy a seat, if you’re traveling on a concession card, when being in the kindergarten
Boulder Gym in Brisbane

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