Visa Extension in Mataram

Monday morning two weeks ago Anton drove me to the immigration office in Selong, after having a small breakfast out. It was the first working day after the Ramadan holidays, and the officers were not back at 8:30. Nevertheless, when I asked one of the guys to extend my Visa he immediately told me it’s NOT possible in Selong. Instead I have to go back to Mataram. Well, these are disappointing news. So we went first back to Rauhils House. I grabbed all my stuff and Anton drove me to the bus terminal. Unfortunately the bus to Mataram just left. So he drove me another 5 km to the main road of Lombok, from where I could catch a bus immediately back to Mataram. In Mataram I got immediately a Bemo from the Mandalika bus terminal to the city. Contrary to Bali the public transport is still just working flawlessly on Lombok.

Nevertheless I just arrived shortly before lunch at the Immigration Office in Mataram, four hours later than expected. I went to the first floor and got the red envelope with the application forms after the immigration officer checked my visa. I was just asking at one of the counters for it. There is no need get a ticket number first. The officer also told me that I need a sponsor letter for my visa extension from any local Indonesian. So it’s more complicated and different than the one time extension of a Visa on arrival. There was an agent in the immigration office to offer me it’s help. But for the full process he wanted to have 1 Mio. IDR. I explained him I’m already here and only need the sponsor letter. After several minutes I got him down to 350k IDR, I thought it’s a big discount. But hours later when I had to pay for the Visa application I was pretty surprised that it’s now 500k IDR, much more than I expected, as some people only paid 150k IDR elsewhere for the same process. In the end I only saved 150k IDR. Anyway your sponsor has to be in person with you when you apply for the visa with all your documents:

  • Passport
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Indonesian visa
  • Copy of my ferry ticket from Singapore, instead of return flight ticket
  • Application form (you get one in a red envelope at the counter)
  • Sponsor letter (incl. two different forms the sponsor needs to fill out), after hard negotiations I got it for 350,000 IDR
  • 500,000 IDR in cash
  • Two Meterai stamps worth 6k IDR but it was quit difficult to find them. My agent drove me to four different small shops in the vicinity until I got some. Paid 7k IDR in the end.

For the application you just go to one of the two counters. Typically nobody is queueing there. Most of the people are waiting for different things. Once you handed over your application you get your first number. After waiting for about 30 minutes, I guess they check again all documents, you get called and if there is no issue as with me I directly get my number for doing the biometrics. Which meant waiting again, as at this Monday more than 50 people applied for a visa extension. After about 2.5 hours I got called for taking again a photo and all my 10 fingerprints 🤨. You have no choice, other than doing that. Finally I got my bill, of 500k IDR, which is payable in each Post Office and the time when I can pick up again my passport…Thursday morning between 8-10 o’clock. Monday is a strategic day for visa application as it highly ensures that you don’t need to wait over a weekend, if there’re no holidays in between. Except for the sponsor letter the application of the visa extension was working much easier than I anticipated. Afterwards I went to a local Café, as I hadn’t eat anything since breakfast I was really starving. There I met Rosa, she told me she’s just around the corner, and we had a nice conversation in the afternoon after the long time in the Immigration office.

Entrance to the Immigration office in Mataram

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