Excursion to Senggigi

Tuesday two weeks ago I spent two full days in Senggigi. As my original plan for hiking up Mount Rinjani didn’t work out, I was just looking for a place to rest a bit, and Senggigi is just two short Bemo rides from the immigration office. The village is a tourist destination, but not really popular as far as I can tell. Most of the bars and restaurants are closed. I’ve no idea if due to the low season, or because other destinations on Lombok as Kuta are now just more popular. The beach is OK, but pretty dirty. The cleaner from a local hotel seems to clean it each day, but I would be really interested what he is doing with all the garbage. If he throws it just behind the next palm tree, it will end up again in the sea. The sea can be suddenly quite shallow if you swim in it. I scratched my toe twice during one swim. In essence there’s not really anything to do, but it’s OK for relaxing a bit.

One of the two beaches
Sunset point..
…looking again to Mount Agung on Bali

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