The Jewel at Changi Airport

Thursday one week ago we went to “The Jewel” at Changi Airport. That’s the new complex which connects the terminals. It contains the tallest indoor waterfall in the world (the second tallest can now be found at the Gardens by the Bay, if you want to visit them for 20 S$). The waterfall is surrounded by plenty of green trees, which form something like an indoor jungle. The whole complex is somehow round and you can walk around at several floors. These levels are equipped with a lot of shops, restaurants and bars. From each level there are multiple ways to access and see the waterfall, which is clearly the centrepoint of the whole building. The waterfall is open the whole day for 24 hours, but the shops closing around at midnight. In essence it’s just another shopping mall, where the focus was set to a nice ambience. At the moment everything is new and shiny. It would be interesting to know, how it looks like in a decade. The bridge for the sky train is steadily exposed to the misty fog, and the droplets which were formed at the surface drop down to the floor, which get wet depending on the wind direction (probably from the air conditioning). Some of the open waterfalls at the sides beside the trees already got malfunction at the first day. It seems that the control of the pumping motor was somehow wrong. And lastly it may questionable how long the trees survive in this area. I expect they need to change them at least once a year. In essence it’s a very costly maintenance effort needed. We returned back in the evening to enjoy the light show at the waterfall. But we were both a bit disappointed, as the show only lasted for 5 minutes and the abrupt ended, after having some higher expectations. If you want to find cheap food, got to the food hall at the very base floor, there the prices are just a fraction to all other restaurants, and even comparable to downtown Singapore.

The largest indoor waterfall in the world…
…and from the sky train which drives by, you might see the rainbow which is formed by the water droplets
The central waterfall is surrounded by green tropical trees and plants
Dinah at the bottom of the waterfall…without getting wet. The circumferential glass ring doesn’t seem to have any gap.
Looks like the Reynolds number was set too high…laminar flow got disturbed, transitioning to turbulent flow and eventually the floor gets wet. It’s always a problem if viscosity is set too small, probably the next time they want to use honey…but then it’s a non-Newtonian fluid 😅
Beside shopping you can still fly from the airport, yes it’s really true 😏
Looks like Fire and Water during the light show (© Dinah)

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