Night Out in Singapore

Tuesday late afternoon one week ago I went to the Peranakan Terrace Houses. These are old wodden buildings from the beginning of the 20th century. Their style is inspired from Malaysia when it was still occupied by the Dutch. As the former Dutch colonial government raised taxes due to the width of the houses, these houses are rather narrow, but therefore pretty long. In the evening I went to Marina Bay and had a walk around it. I was there during sunset. Hence, the lights of the skyscrapers were switched on, and they got illuminated. Unfortunately the famous Merlion fountain at the Marina Bay underwent construction works. But luckily I had seen one at Mount Faber just two weeks ago. After my walk I met Dinah at the Rain Oculus at Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sand is a large shopping mall, with Theaters, Casino and an indoor gondola. Somehow it reminds me to The Venetian Resort Hotel in Macao. But honestly the one in Macau had more flair and was much better. The Marina Bay Sands just looks cold and sterile. I watched the Laser and Water show directly infront of the Marina Bay Sands. The music had some nice themes from Hans Zimmer. Afterwards we went to the neighbouring Gardens by the bay in order to attend to the light and music show at the artificial trees. We didn’t go into the hall, first it was too late and second it’s just too expensive 😅. Also this show was pretty nice and was mainly a medley from hits from the 1970’s. But Dinah told me that the music changes a lot. Afterwards she showed me four of her secret places, but as they are secret I can’t report them here in public 😅. All of them are accessible by the public, but nevertheless, hidden gems, which might only know some locals. I really enjoyed them, and are grateful to have them discovered.

Peranakan houses are not just narrow…
…but also colourful decorated at the front
Lightnings during sunset
The change of shoreline in the last 200 years is really impressive
How do you know that this bar is next to the financial district?
Marina Bay Sands with the Art Science museum on the left
Financial district, the Merlion is unfortunately under construction
The art science museum forms two hands in each other, as sign of welcome
Walking along part of the F1 race track of Singapore
Enjoying the laser and water show. Contrary to the one in Hongkong, the lightning of the skyscrapers are not part of the show and kept on during it
During the light and music show at the Gardens by the bay
It seems that the curved bridge is freely hanging between two artificial trees, but actually there is some trick to keep the moment balance
The UFO is ready for departure 😏
Me at the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands at Tower 1 (© to Dinah)
Finally enjoyed a cold beer while listening to some Blues music (no it’s not punk rock 😅) at Clarke Quay

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