Stairway Range Lookout

Monday two weeks ago I headed further to the East. I got out of the outback after arriving in Emerald. The town has all important supermarkets and retail stores, as well as the major fastfood chains. In Emerald I went to the solar farm just west to the town and had a drive around. The solar farm is now owned by a finance investor. It’s one of the poorly operated solar farms I’ve seen so far. The weed is more than 2m high and is heavily spreading throughout the solar panels. This puts a lot of shade onto the PV panels, and definitely affects the electricity production. I went to the only open pub later on in order to enjoy my last beer before they had to close at noon for indefinite time. In the afternoon I headed out to Lake Maraboon. It’s the second largest lake in Queensland but due to the drought, it’s almost empty. The lake had it’s lowest filling level, with just about 10%, by the end of 2019. It wasn’t busy over there, just one woman was sunbathing and some people took the opportunity to get out onto the lake for fishing with their boats. In the late afternoon I headed further south to Springsure. That is a lovely community next to the Minerva Hills National park. I had a walk around the park area, where the families met with their children next to the playground. After a short break I headed on and stopped at the Stairway Range lookout. The spot wasn’t that good, as all the heavy road trains plagued their way in the low gear up the range the whole time.

East of Alpha your getting out of the forest again and crossing the plains…
…until the mountains appear and the road is getting small…
…for the crossing of the Drummond Range
The pretty tall weed is partly covering the solar panels…
…of the solar farm east of Emerald, which was built just less than three years ago.
Construction works are ongoing at the overspill of lake Maraboon…
…but the second largest lake of Queensland is still pretty empty due to the drought of several years.
South of Emerald a beautiful other mountain range appears at the horizont
Just a bit north of Springsure this nice mountain appears next to the road
An old “Southern Cross” windmill for pumping water from a bore is on display in Springsure

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