Mount Pieter Botte

Thursday morning I got up early for my hike to Mount Pieter Botte. The day before I got some information I met in the Mason’s cafe. He told me, that he was in the mountain twice the last two months, and the conditions are not too bad. So I started at about 5:20 o’clock. The first 600 m altitude went all up to the popular Mount Sorrow lookout. Hence, the path was well marked and also not hard to follow. Even in the early morning the relative humidity was pretty high and I started to sweat immediately. I tried to slow down a bit, but that didn’t help a lot. After about three hours I arrived at the lookout. Much later than I expected. The sweat droplets were already dripping from my soaked shirt. I felt like in “The Tresor” back in 1999 after the Loveparade, but there you could get out into the cold night to cool down 😆. After the lookout the real adventure begun, as it’s a real bush walk. The trail is still marked, but you’ve always to check, if you still follow it. Otherwise you’re ending up in the middle of nowhere, and nobody might find you. That’s the time when you realise what it meant to be deep in the forest like Hansel and Gretel 😏, because nowadays we don’t have such kind of deep forests anymore in Germany. Additionally, there’re abundant vines along the trail, and some of them have thorns. So it takes a while, each time, until you freed yourself and can continue walking. In between there’re also some boulders, where you need to climb over and under! It made definitely fun, but I was in constant pressure due to my limited time. The soil of the jungle was in some section pretty soft, as it consisted only of decomposed leafs. I guess it’s also pretty nutritious. Never had such a feeling when walking at a soil before. In this section of the trail, there’re also bunches of leeches, and they all want you blood. I already wore long socks, but apparently they even sucked through it. And after 10 min I suddenly had 5 of them at each foot near my achilles tendon. So I got rid of them and sprayed the socks with DEET, which helped through the rest of the day. Two hours after I left the lookout I reached Roaring Meg Creek, which is is stunning river in the middle of the rainforest. I should have taken my tent with me, and pitched it up here. I was totally soaked anyway, so I wouldn’t had mattered if I carried my tent with me. I also completely scratched my waterproof day bag, which has now numerous holes…and is obviously no longer waterproof. About 500 m after crossing the creek, you get out of the forest and following a cold lava ridge. This gives you the first time a view to the mountain. Additionally, this metres were the easiest of the whole track, as there were no vines holding you back. Afterwards I stumped over and under some boulders until I reached the Col between North and South Summit. I opted for the south summit, even I knew I couldn’t do it completely to the top, as this is a trad rock climb rated 17A1 or 18, and honestly speaking I don’t know where to put any protection gear onto that compact rock. The summit scramble wasn’t easy, as I need to first get through all this thorned bushes, and need to circumvent the summit at a middle plateau until I found the climb to the high plateau. That was comparable easy. And once on the plateau, you’ve an incredible over the Daintree Nation Park. The whole jungle is below you. I enjoyed the view for a while. But first the time was passing fast, it was already 12:45 and in 6 hours it would be dark, and I was thirsty, as I left my backpack near the col. So I headed back, even as I could enjoyed that view much longer. After a short break near the Col (I hadn’t eaten anything except one apple due to the time pressure), I headed back to the Roaring Meg Creek. There I took a bath, dried my clothes in the sun, had something to eat, and refilled my water botttles. At about 15 o’clock I started to walk back to the Mount Sorrow lookout which took me about 90 min, which was already completely covered in clouds. Then I followed the easy way down, and the afternoon rain started. I was completely soaked with rain and sweat when I completed my hike after 13.5 hours at 19 o’clock in Cape Trib. I drunk more than 7 litres of water during the day and took four elektrolyte portions and two magnesium pills.

The “spectacular” Mount Sorrow lookout
After the lookout I followed that ridge
Someone lost their soles from their high professional climbing shoes 🤣
Oh, that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh…Yeah, that’s the way, clearly marked, so what did you think?!?
Hadn’t time to taste them 😉
Later on I had a swim in the Roaring Meg Creek
Mount Pieter Botte…finally insight, after getting over the ridge of cold lava
View from the lower platform of the southern summit
This easy climb brings you finally up to the higher platform
The peak is only reachable via this kind of chimney and then on the compact rock to the top
Finally sitting down…
…enjoying this magnificent view over the Daintree forest national Park…
…and dangle my feet on top of the tree canopy.
A nice view, but hell, still a damn long hike back to the civilisation.
GPX track

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