Shanghai Transrapid

Wednesday two weeks ago I went for some excursion in the Shanghai area. First I headed to the departure station of the Shanghai Transrapid with the subway. In the subway of Shanghai but also Beijing there is advertisement displayed at the windows between the stations. It seems that the tunnel is equipped with TV screens and the advertisement display is adapted to the speed of the subway.

With an electronic travel card for the subway, the ticket of the Transrapid is only 40 RMB to the Pudong airport. The embarking to the waggon itself feels a bit luxurious and the waggon itself is with 6 seats side-by-side and enough space for the legs, quit spacious. The driving experience is hence completely different to ordinary railways. The acceleration is smooth but the drive itself is neither calm not silent. You always feel like the control software needs to make small correction. The maximum driving speed, as I was in a not so busy time frame, is the same as with ordinary high-speed trains in China, like between Harbin and Shenyang. So it’s a quit nice technology and experience, but maybe no economic reason to really have this rolled out massively.

On my way back I just took the ordinary subway, and already got out at the “Haitiansan Road” subway station, as I wanted to make a short walk to the shore. The sun was out and about, so the temperature exceeded far more than 30°C. At the first spot I headed to, there were construction works ongoing, so I needed to go slightly back and further on. I climbed over a wall (there was no sign, that it was forbidden) and bypassed a golf club. Luckily at the end of that road, the gate was open, but the security didn’t let me go to the shore. So I headed further north and bypassed a new built real estate area for pretty rich people, before I got to a small harbour and a natural side. But also this was closed and security officers put me back. Well on my way I saw people at the other side of the harbour at the shore line, so I was now heading that way. After climbing over a fence I came few minutes later to another one. But here some locals already passed this one and I thought, OK, if they can pass, I can do this too. So finally I was at a new section of the flooding protection and after walking for more than 2 hours I reached the mouth of the Yangtze river at this position. The mouth is quit wide and you could hardly see the other side or the islands in between. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the view after this adventurous and a bit exhausting walk, before I returned to the city.

As it was already after sunset when I was back, I headed to the Bund. I was by far not alone with this idea. So the pedestrian way was just packed and even at the Bund itself people are pushing to the handrail to make dozens of pictures. I was also pushing a bit to enjoy the view in the first row and make some pictures for my self. Quit impressive the illumination at night of the Pudong side of the Huangpu River. When walking as Western tourist there alone, it might be, that young women are trying to start a communication with you. But be careful, not to end up in a tea ceremony and pay for it a 4 digit amount of RMB. So my host in Shanghai but also in Beijing have already warned me about that topic.

German Hightech…
…driving in China
My train is arriving.
The end of the dream
The interior is quit spacious
It’s the same maximum speed as today’s ordinary high-speed trains
Also the largest (is it still, after they got dropped from the Dow after more than a century?!?) of the world has a branch here
Unfortunately I didn’t had this information
Bit surprised to see such a large snake here, but happy as it is dead…
…it was quit near this newly built real estate resort
Finally found a way to the shore
Some people were really bathing here
The lighthouse is I guess at the other side of the Yangtze mouth
On my way back…
…I went to small settlements in the marshland. According to the views of the locals, it was not a touristic spot.
But back in the city on my slow way to the Bund, I’m back into the touristic crowd. Even if these are mainly Chinese people, they are not from Shanghai
The old buildings on the left hand side of the Huangpu river…
…at the Bund
And the skyscrapers, which were built in the last 25 years…
…at the other side. Including the highest building of China to the right, with more than 600 metres

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