Brickendon Estate

After passing by already earlier, Kristy and I finally paid a visit to the Brickendon Estate on 14th November 2021. It’s a multi-generation old family farm. The Woolmers Estate, on the other side of the Macquarie river, and Brickendon Estate was once founded by two brother. Both are now World Heritage listed. Woolmers Estate wasn’t that lucky with the line of succession, and the last owner did alone without descendants. Now I think it’s in public hand, and also a major tourist attraction. Brickendon Estate is still a working farm to this date, but the old brick buildings are no longer in use, but instead nowadays a tourist attraction. You can celebrate your weddings in the church, and have a reception in the barn or in front of the mansion. The event location is a nice additional income for the farm. When asked about the history, it all starts with the settlement of the two brothers. They couldn’t tell anything of what was on the land before, or what happened to the people who lived here before. The exhibition was mentioning which convicts worked/served on the farm, and, if I remember right, they also had indigenous workers. And if they didn’t exploit their situation, they definitely took advantage of their work force to built the estate. The mansion is on the other side of the road, and has a large front yard with lot’s of roses. But if you look closer at the house, it still would require some maintenance, as several cracks appeared. I mean it doesn’t surprise me, it’s more than a century old. And who would nowadays build a brick house in Tasmania, if you can have a much cheaper one made out of cardboard.

Small Chapel on Brickendon Estate
Woolmers Estate on the other side of the Macquarie river
Mansion of Brickendon
Sure, needed to do some Insta posing in the gardens 😜😅

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