Hiking Mount Gnomon and Mount Dial

The weather on Sunday 25th July 2021 wasn’t too good either. There was still quite some rain in the morning. So we opted for a short walk in the afternoon, after the rain was supposed to stop. We arrived at the Ferndene Car Park at about 15:30 o’clock and then started to walk the Ferndene Track. It just stopped raining when we started walking, but all the plants were still wet. The Ferndene track goes up to Mount Dial with an elevation gain of about 350m. Shortly before the summit you reach the track along the ridge line. Kristy had been to Mount Dial before, so she went straight towards Mount Gnomon along the ridge. I did the detour and arrived at the summit of Mount Dial shortly before 17:00 o’clock. I only had a quick look around as the sun came out, but you also could see that it was already low and sunset would be approaching quickly.

Lush rainforest along the Ferndene track
The sun just came out on top of Mount Dial
While the clouds were still hanging low on the other side

So, I headed along the ridge line, just to catch up with Kristy shortly before Mount Gnomon. You could either go via the summit, or take a slightly easier route a bit lower. Kristy opted for the latter, as she also had been to Mount Gnomon before. Thus, I had a quick look around. There were still come clouds hanging around, but they also opened up intermittently. I could see Ulverstone to the North and Mount Duncan to the South. We met again, where both paths met. After maybe another 15min we finally arrived at the car park at the end of Ironcliffe Road, just in time before it got dark. We got out of the forest and hit the meadows after a few kilometres, and followed the gravel road back to our car in the darkness. It was a nice and easy Sunday afternoon walk of about 10.8 km, just right after the rain.

Ulverstone to the North…
…and Mount Duncan to the South…
…from the summit of Mount Gnomon
Greenhouses of the Berry Farm to the West behind Riana
GPX track

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