Hiking Mount Wellington

Sunday morning, the 14th February 2021, I started walking down from The Spring car park in the morning. I followed the Radfords track to the junction of Reids track. Until a few minutes I reached the Silver Falls. Well, nice, waterfalls yes, but not very spectacular. After a few minutes following the Browns river I reached the Pipeline track. I followed it to Ferntree. That’s the old water pipeline which used to supply Hobart with fresh water. I crossed Ferntree and continued on the Pipeline Track until Chimney Pot Hill Road.

Silver Falls

At the junction there is the Huon Rd Stop 25 Inbound. From here I took the bus into the CBD (for about 1.50$ or so). From here it’s only a single zone into the CBD. The bus driver even didn’t know about it, but I kindly reminded him. The public bus would’ve also stopped in Ferntree, but then you would need to pay twice the price, just for a few hundred metres more of walking. There’s also the tourist bus, which is going all the way up to Mt. Wellington, but this is about 25$. Thus, taking public transport is definitely saving you quite a bit.

St. Raphaels Church in Ferntree

At the CBD (central bus terminal or how it’s called) I waited to get the bus to the Lenah Valley Terminus Stop. Technically, I think it’s not allowed to have a connection with a paper ticket, but only with a plastic card. As this was my only bus ride on public transport in Hobart, I didn’t see the point that I should get such a plastic card. I had already one from Sydney, and Brisbane, would need one more for Melbourne later on.

From the final bus stop in Lenah valley, I followed the New Town Rivulet track, which surprisingly follows the New Town rivulet. After being briefly on the Lenah Valley fire trail, I took the Old Hobartians track, which basically still followed the New Town Rivulet. I made a detour via the Lost World, another climbing crag at Mt. Wellington. Now much more people were on the track afterwards, as they all walked in from the upper car parks. For a few metres I went down the road before I took the Panorama track uphill again. For the last few metres I again followed the street all the way to the summit.

Mount Wellington is already insight from the New Town Rivulet track along Lenah Valley Road
Lost World on the northern side of Mt. Wellington
Scree along the Panorama Track

There is an old small shelter which is full of interpretations in case you’re on the summit in fog. There are a few viewing platforms nearby, but the trig point, which marks the actual peak, is behind the shelter. I followed the Zig Zag track down where it meets the Organ Pipes Track. From there on it’s named the Pinnacle Track all the way to The Springs back to my car. In the evening I went to Hanging Gardens for a beer or two. This is when I met Bert (the Belgium climber who rode on his motorbike all the way down to Australia from Belgium), who was there with two other motorbike riders…

Hobart with it’s harbour bridge to Rosny
View to the north over Glenorchy
Mount Wellington Summit with the big AM radio antenna…
…and me finally on top of it.
Zig Zag track on the way down with Kingston insight and Bruny island in the backdrop
GPX track

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