The Organ Pipes

After a few days in Hobart I could sort out the things with my car in the first instance, and was ready to leave at beginning of February 2021. Then I got a message from Will, asking me, if I want to climb in the Organ Pipes. He’s camping at The Lea in Kingston. I thought, well yeah why not. Give it a go. Those “few” additional days turned into almost two weeks. Each night we were in the camp kitchen and talking, while having spectators visiting and listening to our bullshit talks. Each night was full of banter and fun. And if nobody else came, at least the possums were constant visitors. We didn’t harm them, but sometimes those naughty creatures ended up underneath the BBQ hood. One is fine, but having two inside the BBQ only resulted in a lot of dog fighting and screaming.

Mount Wellington from The Springs

The day would typical start with a coffee or two, and making big plans. Until we realise that it’s already afternoon, and we should finally get moving. Once we drive up Mount Wellington, and hike into the Pipes it’s already around 15:00 o’clock. Just to realise, that all the sunshine is gone, and because of the altitude it starts to get a bit chilly. So we do a few pitches (all other groups typical go home, when we start climbing), and then come back to the camp. Have late dinner, a sleep-in, and a late start the next day. Nevertheless, great fun all the time.

Sometimes Will would go foraging for dinner. At one day he wanted to get some lobster. He had the idea already in the morning. Hence, he quickly executed that (without getting distracted), and left at about 17:00 o’clock. You can expect that he’s not coming back to camp before 20:00, with two big steaks. Then he starts cooking the whole evening a big meal, which is eventually served after half past midnight or so. And over time you get to know the local climbing community. One of them was Zaki with which I climbed one day, as Will’s friend Jon arrived (with his broken bike) in Hobart. Or maybe the bike was still intact when he arrived, but Jon definitely blew the carbon rims shortly afterwards.

Highline setup by Zaki and his friends with Hobart in the backdrop…
…above the Organ Pipes

After Will and Jon left for Bruny island, I stayed a bit longer in Hobart, as I needed to sort out some additional mechanical issues on my car, as well as more troubling some credit card issues. Thus, I followed them a week later or so onto Bruny island. In the meantime I did some sport climbing with Zaki the crazy Canadian, and he also invited me up to Mt. Wellington as he racked a highline there. By far no means I could walk on it, but at least I did a Tyrolean traverse. This was quite impressive with the view down to Hobart.

My first time on a highline was quite impressive
Zaki getting ready in position…
…to try some steps on it.

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