Sisters Beach Rock Climbing

I didn’t had any plan for Tasmania, except that I wanted traverse the Arthurs Ranges from East to West. This didn’t eventuate (but that has had other reasons). So I passed Railton and had a slow drive to Deloraine. Surprisingly a nice small town at the Meander river which became known for its notorious youth detention centre in recent years. So I went to the local library on that rainy Saturday morning to make some plans. Then all of a sudden I got a message from Will at around midday, that he’s going to Rocky Cape today. I looked on the map, and said ok, could join you there in the evening, as it it was still more than 100km to drive. I asked where he’s: Well, he’s still “packing up” at Ben Lomond. So, I asked, if he’s still certain to be in Rocky Cape this evening, because it’s still about 300km to drive. Yes, most certainly. Alright then I’ll better keep on going.


I drove up the Meander river. Then took off over the ridge and passed Mount Roland (I made a photo of that mountain, as I thought it looks nice, I didn’t even know the name of it…) Then I continued up towards Cradle Mountain, but as it was already late (at least I thought, and I didn’t want to pay for a day ticket, so I continued on. I made a brief stop at the Cradle Valley Lookout. It was quite windy and cold (at least I thought so). I also recognised a hiking track, but didn’t pay much attention. I only thought, that looks quite tough…(well, I can’t give you all the clues, of what will come 😉)

Mount Roland
Cradle Valley
Penguin-Cradle track from Cradle Valley Lookout

So I went to Hellyer Gorge. The gorge itself is not very impressive, and the campground was officially closed, but it would be good for one night. I didn’t had reception, and as such I thought I’d better drive towards Rocky Cape. I arrived in Wynyard in the evening, made my lunch and got afterwards a message from Will, if I need some supplies, as he’s just shopping in Launceston and the shop will close in 10 min, at 22:00 o’clock. No thanks, but you still need to drive about 200km to Rocky Cape…yeah no worries, see you in the morning.

Hellyer Gorge

The next morning I got a message from Harry, a friend of Will, where I am (because Will still only had an Optus Sim card, and as such no reception). So when I arrived at Rocky Cape Tavern, Will was ready…to make a coffee. I thought great. I also feel like a coffee. I start to like this bloke. So, we sat down and started (what turned out we could do best: talk bullshit). It turned out that Will arrived at about 1:00 o’clock in the morning. Perfect conditions for an early start. After the second coffee Timmy already got a bit restless, and yeah finally at early afternoon we approach Sisters Beach. It was a 20km drive back, but as rock climber you don’t care how long the drive is, you only care about how short the approach walk is. Perfectly, you would make the first move directly out of your car. Sisters Beach is one of the sport climbing crags in Tassie. We spent climbing there for 2 days, but didn’t do much routes. Will tried an off-width crack at the first day, which took him the whole afternoon. And then we finished late. Got almost in trouble with the publican, as they didn’t check-in properly the night before. Had delicious dinner at midnight, as Will was cooking the whole evening after return. And as such, great to sleep-in and have a late start. Great for night owls…So, I guess you get the pattern now.

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