Lark Quarry Conservation Park

Saturday two weeks ago I went South of Winton for about 100 km in order to visit the Lark Quarry Conservation Park. The landscape to the south changed rapidly and I directly felt like back into the outback. There were shrubs and small trees everywhere. The area was used for grazing cattle, even as there was not much grass left for them. The area around Lark Quarry was discovered first in the 1960’s but actual research begun 10 years later. The site shows footsteps from a dinosaur stampede, and all this was done in about 3min time…95 Mio. years ago! One large dinosaur (like the size of a horse) was chasing a smaller dinosaur type (maybe like a cat), but also the tiny ones (like chicken), which were also present on that former creek to get some water, went into panic. So the large dino run in one direction and the other smaller dinos literally in all directions in panic mode (so no longer rational thinking, just emotions) creating a chaos (no, I’m not talking about panic shopping of toilet paper, that’s another story 😏). All this happens in a butterfly blow and now we can watch the evidence of that million years later. After the guided tour I headed out for a walk around and on top of the mesas. From the top there were nice views to the surrounding landscape, but again I was accompanied by several hundreds flies. So at least I didn’t run out of protein. When I returned to Winton in the afternoon I stopped at the former Willie Mar’s Fruit and Vegetables Shop. His farther, also a Chines bloke, started growing veggies about 100 years ago. And the son continued that business until the year 2000, when a flood took away his mango tree, and all the refrigerated trucks brought the veggies from the east. I headed out of the town in the late afternoon in the direction to Longreach.

South of Winton typical outback shrubs and trees were on the pastoral leases
Several hundred different dinosaurs…
…and especially that big one…
…but also the smaller chicken sized and midsized ones…
…left the evidence of this stampede in the clay for us.
If thorny Spinifex grass is just a familiar sight to you, then you know you’re out in the back again
From the mesa you can catch a view to the surroundings…
…to several sides of it.
That’s the original Willie Mar’s Fruit and Vegetables Shop. He grew all the stuff in the market garden directly behind the shop…a very short way to the seller.
Out of Winton the road directly followed the railway track to Longreach
The landscape turned back into the dry grass downs, with just a few trees along the creeks and the mesas in the back.

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