Walsh’s pyramid

Thursday two weeks ago I picked up my vehicle from the renting company spaceships. I had opted for a relocation deal, so I got 7 days for free, so in essence the rental fee was only 288$ for 16 days. But the return has to be made at the 16th day in the afternoon, not 16 days after begin of the rent, which means you’ve the vehicle only for 15 nights. Additionally, they wanted to have a deposit of 5,000$ for the insurance, which was too high for the limit on my credit card as single transation. So, I only left with the option of paying 20$ per day, which ended up to 320$, and was more expensive than the rent itself, with an additional deposit of 1,500$. I know I’ve a bit more insurance, but actually I still have to pay up to 1,500$ until the insurance comes into effect (and some things like flat tyre and windscreen are not covered by the insurance at all). So, in the end, if something would had happen, I would’ve needed to pay it all at my own. And on top of that, they insisted that I return the car in clean condition from the outside, and vacuum it from the inside…I mean WTF. Why should I do your job? But they tell you that at the very end of the process, after all is signed and you paid for everything. That’s spaceships…you think you save money, but in the end they charge you just another fee on top of that! So I started my road trip with Elena…the name of the car (each car is individually named). It was raining the whole day. The downpour was caused by a small cyclone somewhere offshore the East coast. I went to the botanical garden, and had a walk around, because it wasn’t cold at all. The temperature was just fine. I walked through some kind of planted rainforest…on a boardwalk, not to be compared to the Daintree jungle in Cape Tribulation. Then I passed the freshwater lake and the saltwater lake, but apart from two blokes, who were fishing (next to the fishing is forbidden sign…yeah, very smart) there was nothing special about that place. So I got my belongings from the hostel afterwards, did some shopping for the next roughly two weeks and drove out of the city in the afternoon taking some small backroads just before Gordonvale, where I followed the Bruce highway for a few kilometres into the town. The council campsite is in theory free, but in practice it was still closed, due to the potential flooding of the nearby river. Hence, I camped just on the other side of the highway at the base of Walsh’s pyramid.

Now you know why it’s called rainforest…in the botanical garden.
The freshwater lake with a Chinese friendship pagoda
Just at the border of the city, in between sugar cane fields and a sugar cane rail, you could already see Walsh’s pyramid

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