Crocodile Bend

Saturday morning three weeks ago I helped Jeff with some gardening work. He cut a tree and I carried the branches and trunk to a fire place on his large property. Even as we started early I was again absolutely sweated after a while due to the high humidity in the 80’s. But we wanted to be finished before noon, as only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun 😉. Jeff told me it is not yet too bad, if it the temperature rises above 40 degrees, the probability to get a heat stroke is high, as the body has no longer a possibility to cool down. He already had some in the summer. In a break he told me a bit about the history of the area, as Cooktown mainly grew during the gold rush along the Palmer river. But as white people and Chinese men tried to get into the land of indigenous people, the Aborigines tried to defend themselves. But they only had simple spears, and probably a boomerang, not much against a rifle which was shot from a horse. So what they did was to eat their victims, and put their skulls onto a pole. This wasn’t because they were cannibals, but rather to scare off others to further penetrate their area. Something like, the only thing what was left in psychological warfare. In the end, that made things just worse. The white men came with more rifles, and got rid of the indigenous people with a genocide in order to progress with their gold rush…which was over just in two years or so. In the early afternoon Christina gave me a lift to the nearby Crocodile Bend of the Annan river. Typically saltwater crocodiles relaxing at this bend, but it was high tide and pretty hot. So these predators are pretty smart and just stayed in the cooling water the whole time. I went back in the evening for sunset. It’s a nice calm place out there. I enjoyed the sunset, but unfortunately couldn’t see any saltie.

The bend of the Annan river is a popular spot for salties…
…or just a nice place to enjoy the sunset.

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