Port Douglas / Agincourt Ribbon Reef

Tuesday morning I got picked up at 6:40 to get a lift to the marina in Port Douglas. After leaving the northern suburbs of Cairns behind us, the road to Port Douglas follows directly the coastline along the mountains, which are steeply sloping down directly into the ocean. The beaches might look nice, but are full of jellyfish (at the moment is main season for them) and potentially salties (haven’t seen one). Port Douglas itself is just the high-price alternative to Cairns. Hence, not much to see in this town at all. But it has a very active marina and I joined a cruise to one of the outer reefs. The outer reefs are located at the continental shelf, and hence function definitely as barrier for the swells of the Pacific ocean. But all the dives and snorkeling activities are done inside the reef, so you don’t have a chance to see the big drop down. The Agincourt Ribbon Reef can be reached from Port Douglas within about 2.5 hours. During this time everybody on board get it’s briefing, either for the introductory divers, certified divers or snorklers. Hence, the crew is pretty busy, and after a while also yourself. During the day I did three dives. As it wasn’t deep dives, and the sea was pretty calm, my dive time was each time more than 45 min. I couldn’t remember that my air lasts that long before. The dives were probably the best dives I’ve done in Australia. I saw lot’s of beautiful corals and different kind of fish, from tiny to small and large. Also one (blacktip?) reef shark was laying at the sand floor. The dive guide slowly guided us through the dive sites. Hence, you’ve had enough time to watch. But as almost the whole boat was diving, there was again a lot of traffic underwater. And two girls in our group made a bit of trouble, as they always wanted to be as close as possible near the dive instructor. Therefore, after they finished their shooting with their gopro they tried to overtake all others again, and then you got once in a while a kick with a fin. On board I met Alex from Düsseldorf. She’s just doing her normal vacation along the East coast, and almost finished with that. We had a nice chat during the sailing back to Port Douglas. In the evening I met with her and her travel partner in Port Douglas for a beer and three rounds of pool.

The road is following along some nice beaches to the North…
…and also along the mountains, which are steeply sloping down directly into the ocean
We sailed further North along the shore with the view to the mountains…
…and some coral islands
Closely passing the Daintree national park…
…as also this cargo ship did.
Clear water at the Agincourt Ribbon Reef, the underwater view was pretty good at this day. The continental shelf is on the other side of the reef.

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