Saturday morning one week ago I woke up at the beach of Balding Bay and went for a short swim during sunrise. Then I pitched down my tent and hiked back via the hill to Horseshoe bay. Even in the morning I was again soaked wet after I arrived at Horseshoe Bay. After I got some groceries from the local store I took the bus at 7:20 to Nelly Bay, from where I catched the ferry back to Townsville. In Townsville I walked from the ferry terminal to the beach for a few minutes in order to have a free shower and a bit of cool down. Afterwards I took the bus directly to the railway station. The train was as you can imagine again late by 40 min. So I had plenty of time for a second breakfast. The distance from Townsville to Cairns is only 340 km, but the travel time is more 6:40 hours. Hence, the average speed is with about 50 km/h only leisurely. Surprisingly the train arrived on time in Cairns Potentially as except for one stop in Innisfail all other stations are just stopped on-demand. Therefore, we passed a lot of stations without stopping, which saved some time. The journey along the coast was mainly featured by sugar cane in the plains, and the mountains of the Great dividing range to the west. The railway track was always a few kilometres inland, and the sea wasn’t visible for most of the time. The region around Innisfail has the highest average annual rainfall of complete Queensland with 2000-3000 mm per year. Therefore all creeks were full of water and even the plains were easily flooded.

Calm Balding Bay shortly after sunrise
Back in the old CBD of Townsville
Leaving Townsville along the Ingham Road
Sugarcane is predominant in the plain fields, and the sugarcane railway is parallel to the ordinary rail
The lower plains are flooded due to the recent rain
The Spirit of Queensland is heading north to it’s final destination
Several mountains emerging left and right of the railway track
North of Innisfail also banana plantations arising
Locals having a refreshing bath in one of the creeks, and the kids greeting the train…it’s like back in the old days, when then train was still something special
Finally made my way all along the East Coast from Sydney to Cairns by train.
My train ticket

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