Cooberrie Park / Yeppoon

Monday morning I wanted to rent a scooter in order to drive to Cooberrie park, which is about 50 km away from Rockhampton. But first the scooter was pretty expensive with 65$ a day, and also I couldn’t take a second person on the back seat, as Hannah another traveller from the Netherlands wanted to join me. In the end we found a cheap car from a local rental service for just 57$ a day. Even as we used more fuel, it was cheaper, as we could split the cost. So in the end at noon we finally arrived at Cooberie park, which is a wildlife sanctuary for injured animals. The goal is to release the animals back into the wild, if it’s possible. Sometimes the animals will not be in a position to get released, or it’s just forbidden by law. Some animals kept illegal in captivity and are not endemic to Australia, so these will never be released back into the wild. We stayed for about 2 hours in the park, and even enjoyed a short show. In that show we got different animals presented, and had also the possibility to hold them or stroke them. In the afternoon we went to the southern part of the Byfield national park, which required a drive along a bad gravel road for a few kilometres. The last few hundred we walked to the Big Dune and the beach. Actually the beach is very shallow, and not very appealing. So we just put our feet into the water before we headed back. After short stops in Yeppoon at various beaches, unfortunately it was low tide, and all the water was muddy, we headed on to Emu park. The weather went a bit bad, and some showers came by. So during dusk we drove back to Rockhampton, for half way along the old railway tracks, which once connected Yeppoon and Emu Park with North Rockhampton. But unfortunately, these are no longer available for public transport.

This bloke comes originally from South-America
If you grab them at the tail, they’ll loose it, and it takes up to five years until a new, but smaller one, will grow
Several Emu’s are running around the area
I like how the bloke in the back is relaxing…but all the wallabies are chasing you for food.
Koalas are similar to Panda bears, they’re very picky which leaves they eat, and then sleeping for about 22 hours to digest them.
Several birds were on display
It’s still a bit weird to hold a snake, even if I know that python is not venomous
Thorny lizard from the NT
Wonderful peacock demonstrating it’s (assumed) size
Cassowary, the deadliest bird on earth. This species killed more people, than all other birds together.
View to the Keppel Islands from Emu Park (no, there only Emu’s made from iron on display😉)

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