Saturday morning Aileen, Clarke and I went to the Round Hill Lookout after a short walk around the Happy Valley lakes, which were used as water supplies for Gladstone back in the days. You get a complete overview, and a 360° view from the top top Gladstone. It started in the south with the large smelter, where the Aluminium power is melted in an electrochemical process into Alumium bars, which are processed further elsewhere. Then we saw again the QAL aluminium refinery, followed by the coal harbour and the LNG export terminal on Curtis island. Further on, the ammonia storgae for the fertiliser plant, as well as the cement factory to the north. Then at last the NRG coal fired power station, and last but not least the small aluminium refinery in the west. In the afternoon we went again to Clarkes pub for some drinks, and I met some of his mates, which came all together to have a drink at a nice Saturday afternoon. One of his mates has had German ancestors from the Niederrhein, and he explained me that this might be quite common in Australia. In the late afternoon Aileen and Clarke dropped me off at the railway station. It was already announced that the train was delayed for 45min, but in the end it turned up 95 min later! Once I was in the train the conductor asked me for my ticket, and I asked him if there is any compensation. In a very rude way he said no, and I asked why not. Then he got upset (well I was already before), which compensation I want at all, and the train is “only” 1 hour 20 min delayed (well, even that would be 80 min). In Germany there’s a compensation of 50% of your ticket price, if the train is delayed by more than 2 hours, here the train company just takes your money. And instead of accusing for the delay, that bloke said, he’s not from the train company 🤨 and only the person who brings me from A to B (and actually this isn’t true, as he’s not the driver). But seriously?!? You’re wearing a uniform where it’s written that you’re representing the train company, and now you tell me that you’re responsible for nothing. I’m your customer, but probably that doesn’t matter, as long as the company is state owned. So with 95 min delay I finally arrived Rockhampton in the evening.

A couple of parrots enjoying their lunch in the backyard
The large aluminium smelter on an island south of Gladstone
The Ugly aluminium refinery
LNG export terminal in the back on Curtis island, and coal exporting wharf infront of it
Ammonia storage to the right in the back, next to the cement factory; NRG power plant in the middle; and the small aluminium refinery to the left in the back
Aileen, Clarke and me on their balcony
Passing the pub a bit outside the town centre, I’ve been to a few hours ago
My train ticket

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