Wednesday afternoon, after a pretty rainy night in my tent, I rented a bicycle in Agnes Water. I took a bike ride to the town of Seventeen Seventy, which is just a few kilometres north to Agnes Water. The weather wasn’t the best throughout the day. I stopped at a cairn marking the first landfall of James Cook, in what is now known as Queensland, 250 years ago in May 1770. I rode on to an anchor of a wrecked ship, and then walked to the lookout of the headland. Several thunderstorms and showers passed by, but luckily a bit more to the West and didn’t directly hit me. So I was able to sneak around the showers for most of the time. After enjoying the view to the rain over Bustard Bay for a while I headed back to my bike and eventually pushed it over a track along the coastline for about 20 min, as I wanted to walk the track, but I didn’t want to walk back. The ride back to Agnes Water was not a big deal, as there is a bike path next to the road, but I needed to hurry up as it got dark and the bike was not equipped with lights, but police is patrolling during the night, even in that small community. As backup I had my headlight with me, which I used for the last few hundred metres from Agnes Water to my campsite at Workmans beach.

Lookout from the cliff to the main beach of Agnes Water, there wasn’t a problem to have a swim at Workmans Beach
Town centre of Agnes Water
The cairn marks the landfall of James Cook 250 years earlier
The wind is pushing the sea onto the shore
Showers drift over Bustard Bay

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