Miriam Vale / Agnes Water

Tuesday morning I got the bicycle from Bob and went for a short tour around Bundaberg. First I stopped at the Swamp land, where I was apparently the only one at this day. A lot of different birds, bats, and other animals are living there. I sat down for a while under the shade of a large tree nex to a pond. Then I headed on to the bank of the Burnett River to the two old bridges. First came the old street bridge, followed by the railway bridge. In 2013 the Burnett river had a devastating flooding, where the northern part of Bundaberg was completely under water. I drove along the main street before I headed back to Bob’s house along several small streets in the suburbs.

In the afternoon Bob gave me a lift back to the railway station, where we said goodbye to each other. I was very grateful to be hosted by him (I guess I was number 267 on his list), as he’s definitely a very nice person, with a lots of experiences he made in his life. The train was delayed, as always, in Bundaberg by about 25 min, so I had some time to wait at the platform. I had a short chat with an old man there, as he was very curious where I’m from and where I’m heading to. The train ride to Miriam Vale was only about 1 hour. Miriam Vale is only a small village, with one shop, one cafe, one fuel station. Everything what you need, if you wait for 4 hours for the bus. The greyhound bus was only 20$ for the trip to Agnes Water, whereas a shuttle service would have been 75$. So the decision was made very fast, to wait 4 hours and save the money. The bus ride itself was just about 40 min. I arrived pretty late in the evening, and walked to my campsite. I found a site and pitched up my tent in the night. I was just laying down before the rain started, and in essence there was more rain than I expected to be during that night.

Calm pond with some ducks populating it
Somehow only the skin from these beetles remain, the rest seemed to be eaten.
View to the sugar mill at the Burnett river
Crossing the old street bridge and later on the railway bridge
Finally leaving Bundaberg and needed to cross some small neighbourhood roads
There’re a lot narrow gauge sugar cane railways around Bundaberg, which eventually bring the sugar cane to the different sugar mills for processing
My train ticket

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