Mullumbimby / Brunswick Heads

Tuesday morning I went to the bus stop to take the local bus from Byron Bay to Mullumbimby. To my surprise dozens of Backpackers fell off the Greyhound bus, everything was organised for them, even the guide told them in which shuttle bus to the hostel they need to go…I mean Byron is not that big anyway…but sounds like a big suprise. So a few minutes later, the local bus arrived, and apparently I was the only one who took the ride and left the crowds of backpackers (probably they’re already flashpackers, even without knowing it) behind me. In the small town of Mullumbimby my host Mark picked me up from the bus stop and gave me a short lift to his large house with pool, where he lives with his daughter. I just put my backpack there and we headed back to town. I got a fresh cappuccino for a reasonable price, far below 5$. I set for a while infront of the coffee shop to enjoy the atmosphere of this small alternative town, with nice people around. After my coffee I went for a walk through the main street, and as I didn’t want to shop anything, I just finished right in time to get another bus to the neighbour town of Brunswick Heads. This one has more tourists than Mullumbimby, but still far less than Byron Bay. So I crossed the river and went to the beach. That beach is pretty long and goes all the way back to Byron Bay. As the sun was shining during noon, it got pretty warm. So I decided to go for a swim between the flags, but the waves and current were again pretty high. And after some minutes of fighting them, I decided to get out of the water. Afterwards I headed back to the town and walked once around the block, but Brunswick Heads doesn’t have the flair of the hinterland town of Mullumbimby. So I got one scoop ice cream, and the woman said, it’s “just” 5$. What do you mean with “just 5$”??? I can clearly recall when one scoop of ice cream was 50 penny, so “just 0.26 Euro”, and now you tell me it’s just about 3.10 Euro? Seriously, one scoop is more expensive than a large cappuccino from the morning?!? Well, I had no choice, than just to enjoy my ice cream, and then waited for the bus back to Mullumbimby.

The main street of Mullumbimby is paved with numerous small shops
The long beach of Brunswick Heads
Of course it is honorable to fight against the world’s largest (proposed) coal mine in Queensland…Adani, but are you aware of your own fossil CO2 footprint, while driving individually with such a large diesel, or do you NOT give a fuck?
The old restored cinema, which is now used for various events
The old train station in Mullumbimby looks like it’s just awaiting the next train…but, if at all, this will take several decades.
Mark and I in Mullumbimby

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