Town Tour Byron Bay

Yesterday I did a walk through the town of Byron Bay. Byron Bay is definitely a great tourist attraction, so you can get everything what you need during your holidays, and as it’s now summer holidays, it’s packed with tourists. I walked up the Tallow ridge track to the Lighthouse, from where I had also a good view south to the endless long Tallow beach, where just a view people tried to get a splash in the waves. The entrance to the national park adjacent to the Byron Bay lighthouse is free, except if you’re entering the NP by car. After a few lookouts behind the lighthouse I reached the easternmost point of mainland Australia, and hence already again the easternmost point of my journey for the time being. But no worries, it’s still far west of Kamchatka 😉. From the viewpoint on top of the cliffs, I saw Cape Byron a bit further to the north, but it’s actually not as east as this point. Additionally, due to the clear water I depicted also two groups of dolphins, who had their fun, or probably were chasing for fish in the surf. On my way down I stopped at Cape Byron, before I returned along the long main beach to the town centre. In the afternoon I had a swim in the marked swimming area, well due to the high waves and strong currents…it’s the Pacific ocean and not the shallow baltic sea, you can’t safely make it behind the surf without a surfboard, so I ended up splashing in the waves, as also the locals tend to do.

Tallow Beach from the Tallow ridge
Old Byron Bay train station, no longer served by trains since almost 16 years, but now coaches stopping just nearby on the street, to get in all the backpacker crowds
The Byron Bay lighthouse.
Easternmost point of mainland Australia. Unfortunately, the sign is dismantled and only the brackets are left.
Dolphins were clearly visible from the top (and probably also a turtle, but I’m not sure about that, as it vanished quickly)…
…and also Cape Byron itself.
This new train station, just a few hundred metres north of the old one, and directly behind a road crossing, is just serving a 3km tourist train…unfortunately, that is all that is left of the 132 km original route

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