Urunga – Casino

Yesterday morning, after the rain ceased, I pitched down my tent. Surprisingly, everything was more or less dry. Sure, due to the humidity it felt a bit soaked, but taking into account the heavy rain during the night, I can’t complain. Then I walked to the wharf, had my breakfast, took a shower, and sat on a bank in the shade for a while. It wasn’t much more to do around here, as the beach wasn’t that appealing. So I waited for lunch time, and then bought some other groceries for the trip, as I decided to leave with the first train of this day. This is not that easy, because the first train stops in the afternoon. Just followed by two others, one only going up to Grafton, while the other late in the night, will be heading directly to Brisbane. Which makes just three trains in total per day, not a very attractive connection. After lunch I wanted to book my train ticket online, but I was one minute too late. Yeah, they’re telling you, how early you can book, but no last minute ticket available online. So I needed to call again and make an booking via phone, because there’s not even a ticket vending machine at this station, and without pre-booking you’re not allowed to get onto the train. As they wrote my email address wrong, I didn’t receive any ticket, so just 10 min before the train arrived, I called them again and fixed this. Well everything went well in the end. The train only stopped three times until Grafton and then rode directly to Casino, but honestly, there was even just one other village we passed on that way. The rest was just bushland (first burnt and then flooded) and meadows with cows. In Casino the service terminated, but there were connections to buses. I was heading to Byron Bay with one of the coaches, as the former branch line to Murwillumbah was closed just in 2004, and another coach was riding directly to Brisbane. I’ve really no idea, why that’s the case, and the train is not riding further directly to Brisbane. It’s much faster with the train, and for sure much more convenient, as to transfer to a bus in the middle of nowhere, even if the buses are 30 years newer than the trains. Probably the NRMA will advise to shut down all passenger services on the tracks in the future, so that everyone is able to be in traffic jams on congested roads, and use the remaining tracks just for coal transport. That’s an awesome idea I guess, should ask Rupert Murdoch for advise 😋.

This grass is already green again…
…whereas this devastated forest, not looks to good right now…
…and this meadow, was still flooded.
My train ticket

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