Sydney – Newcastle

Today I finally continued my travel after being more than two months in Sydney, fixing my gear and other stuff, stocking up my supplies and celebrating Christmas as well as New Years Eve. Shortly before sunrise I went to the beach, but as there were too much clouds today, as rain is forecasted for the next days, not much was to see during sunrise. Then I took the bus to Manly and had a nice ferry sail to Circular Quay in the CBD, before I got to Central. In Central I was able to purchase a single ticket to Newcastle. I took the train to Hornsby via the Sydney Harbour bridge, that was the last means of transport across the bridge I haven’t done yet, as I already walked on and over the bridge, took a car and buses, but not yet the train. On the way to Hornsby we passed several suburbs of the northern Sydney area. In Hornsby I catched the Intercity train to Newcastle, which in essence stopped on (almost) all stations, except one, which was only supposed when requested. After we crossed the Hawkesbury and the Woy Woy at the central coast, the train ride went mostly through bushland. Nevertheless, only at one section it was burnt. After Wyong, as the area is not really densely populated, the train stations are not with a barrier, as in Sydney, there was even a ticket check in the train. But after arrival in Newcastle, I needed to tap off in order to get out of the railway station.

That’s all I got from the sunrise this morning
Ferry ride to the CBD
The Olympic pool and Luna park…
…seen by crossing the harbour bridge by train.
Getting through the hills north of Sydney…
…and finally crossing the Hawkesbury river…
…until the train as well as the electrification (15kV DC) ends in Newcastle
My last supper in Sydney…yesterday evening 😉
My train ticket

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