Kangaroo Island Excursion (II)

Sunday five weeks ago we continued our drive across kangaroo Island (KI). First we stopped at brown beach campground in order to get a 3 minutes shower for 2 $, or alternatively a free shower with two water bottles from the tap. I opted for both, just as backup 😉. A few minutes later we drove took the turnoff to Pennington bay, where we had a nice view to the surf. The next stop was at prospect hill. The new stairs were just opened a few weeks ago and the walk upstairs was therefore not really hard. It’s a popular stop at the highway, as you’ve a great view to the isthmus of KI. During that short walk we were accompanied by three elderly Germans. At our drive further to the west we stopped at Murray lagoon to have another short walk to the salt water pond. It doesn’t seemed that there was too much water in the pond. We stopped at the Birds of Prey show for a late lunch snack, no we didn’t opt for the show itself, but as we didn’t have a stove with us, we would like to have a warm meal each day anyway. In the afternoon we went to little Sahara, which is on a private property. First we thought we need to pay entrance fee, but in the end it was just a lengthy registration. We didn’t rent any boards or mountain bikes, we just had a walk to the dunes, which were surrounded by bush land. At rocky river we got our national parks pass and could refill our water cans. In the late afternoon we headed via a gravel road to Sandy river. The first few kilometres until snake lagoon campsite were a bit corrugated, probably as these were officially also open for 2WD and therefore, used more often. We did another short walk along sandy river to the beach, were we enjoyed the late afternoon, before we headed back to the car park before sunset.

Brown beach next to the campground
Nice weather and surf at the Pennington bay
Lookout to the isthmus from prospect hill the highest(?) sand hill of KI
An Echidna crossed the road, and tried to hide from the camera. It’s only one of two egg-laying mammals in the world…and both living on KI
The salty Murray lagoon…wasn’t that special in the end
The sand dunes of little Sahara…
…are a tourist attraction 🤣
Beach at the mouth of sandy river during late afternoon.
Bulletproof method to get wet feet 🤣🤣

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