Bouldering Adelaide

Friday five weeks ago I was supposed to arrive at Adelaide railway station in the city centre, but I realised that at this railway station only commuter trains on broad gauge are operating. Hence, I took one of the shuttle buses from the parkland terminal to the CBD, and from my drop off point I just walked a few metres to the car rental station. After I put all my gear into the car and had a snack at the nearest supermarket, I headed to the Beyond Boulder Gym in Kent Town (I mean sure, that’s the most obvious thing you’re doing, after arriving in a new city🤣). I was warmly welcomed there and immediately met a few people from Germany and had a short chat with them. One of the blokes lives in Adelaide and asked my how long I would stay. The boulder gym is pretty modern, and I definitely liked the route setup. It was not only overhanging, but also some nice, and tricky technical stuff. In essence I stayed much longer than I anticipated, and was just going to leave in the early evening, after my whole body was exhausted. It was definitely a very nice experience, after the horrible boulder gym back in Darwin, and the first serious training since the one back in June in Bali. I felt, that my physical strength was a bit low after several months of not being into some training. But hey, this wasn’t important at all, as I had fun 😊.

Beyond Bolder Gym in Adelaide

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