Saturday five weeks ago I continued my drive north to the coast of the gulf of carpentaria. In the morning I followed the gravel road along the Leichhardt river, until I need to go onto the Burke development road, which was sealed again, at least always with one lane. After the Burke & Wills roadhouse, it started raining. That was my first rain in Australia and the first rain after I was hiking in the Batukaru volcano at Bali, more than four months ago. Normanton is a small town and at Saturday afternoon is almost dead, except the pub and the bottle shops are open. Also the visitor centre is closed the whole weekend. I also closes at 13 o’clock during the week. Hence, I’m really wondering how to get a permit for the free camping at the river 🤔, as this is technically required? In the end I just camped at the right side of the Norman river, and nobody complained or checked at all. In the afternoon I took a walk through Normanton up to the railway station and back along the main road. There are still a lot houses from the end of the 19th century. The railway station is a small treasure. Especially, when you take into account that the train only leaves once a week. A bunch of children were playing around the station, and even new how to get into the train. As far as I’ve seen, they just played and didn’t look to smash anything, which was good. There was a short shower, when I was at the railway station and the kids told me, it was the first rain for them in this year (I guess they meant in this season, so at least no rain in the last months).

Finally crossing the Leichhardt river
On the Burke development road…
…I got the first rain after several months
This is a 1:1 replica of the largest saltwater crocodile ever captured (in this case shot)…8m long with a mass of 2t, which makes one speechless
This is one of the old wodden houses with balcony in Normanton
Normanton railway station…
…always warmly welcomes you 🤣
The Gulflander departs once a week to Croydon
It’s very rare to see a full rainbow…but at which end is then the treasure 🤔?
Give it ’way, give it ’way, give it ’way now

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