Six weeks ago I had a late lunch with Jeremy before I left Mount Isa. The day before I met with Meng in order to have dinner together. She’s the rural dentist and drives to the communities around North-Western Queensland for this government service. As nobody else wants to do that, she’s pretty good working conditions and can travel a lot. She speaks really good Russian and is addicted to that language. Meng is always going for a longer solo trip each year, and has already visited more countries than I did. Her plans, yes she loves to make plans, are already set for the next three years. So we had a very long conversation of our various travel experiences. Mount Isa is good for a stopover, but the whole town is about mining. Hence, almost all people are working either directly or indirectly for the mines. After I left Isa I went first to a nearby lookout just a few kilometres out of town. Then I took the Kajabbi road, a shortcut to the north, along the Leichhardt river. In fact it’s a gravel road but in very good conditions and just recently graded. This is due to that fact, I guess, that the mine has another operation on that road. So there was more traffic then I expected. I just stayed a few kilometres before Kajabbi next to the road. When I was preparing my dinner another car stopped and asked, if everything was ok. It seemed that this couple came from their neighbours and was already a bit drunken. I was a bit worried, if they would push me on, as it was on a pastoral lease, where I stayed, but in the end they didn’t take care about that.

Mount Isa is a bloody mining town…
…where the town is only separated by the railway line. Hence, at westerly wind, the whole town smells like sulphur from the coal exhaust
Isa is surrounded by several mountains and hills.
Easy afternoon drive along the Leichhardt river…no Leichhardt is a German proper name and not pronounced “like hard”

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