Seven weeks ago I finally could leave Alice Springs. I was supposed to leave one day earlier, but the change of my tyres took more than 6 hours, instead of the supposed 30 min. They claimed the reason for that was, that their compressor didn’t work due to the power outage the day before. I’ve no clue why this should be connected to each other, but anyway at least I got a new set of tyres, which was now definitely necessary after all the troubles the week earlier. In the morning I got some supplies for the next 14 days, and while I had a snack at the parking lot I just observed the local businesses. Well guys, if you wear red sneakers as well as a pouch diagonally and leaning supercool back on a wall directly underneath a “No Smoking” sign to have a cigarette…you’re just asking for trouble. Especially when your mates are making such a suspicious body language, that a blind person could see that you’re dealing drugs in the middle of the day. After I left Alice to the south I visited the Uterne 4MW solar farm shortly and the old narrow gauge railway museum just next to it. The narrow gauge railway was extended from Oodnadatta in 1929, before that Alice Springs was supplied by camel caravans from there. But as the Finke River damaged several times the crossing due to severely floodings, it was decided to built a new standard gauge railway from Adelaide to Alice Springs, which was subsequently opened in 1980. Beside some old rolling stock outside, the actual railway museum was closed at this day for unknown reasons. So I finally left the civilisation again and drove on the Old Andado Road, which is actually a graded gravel road nowadays, to camp overnight several kilometres behind Allambi station.

Narrow gauge “commonwealth railway” train…
…at a reconstruction of the original Alice Springs railway station
Uterne solar farm with a peak power of 4MW
Old Andado Road before the closed Santa Teresa community is in a pretty good condition
Silent sunrise out in the back…away from any tourist trouble

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