Point Howard Lookout

Friday seven weeks ago I woke up early morning in order to start hiking Mount Sonder at 5:40 o’clock. I only needed the headlight for about 20 minutes as then dawn already started, and at about 50 min after my start there was already sunrise. The track is the last section of the Larapinta trail, which starts about 200 km in Alice Springs. It was easy, well maintained and good signposted. It took me about 2:15 h incl. some short stops. The temperature is just right during the ascent. There’s always a special atmosphere when you experience sunrise in the mountains on the way up to the summit. And on top you’re rewarded with a beautiful 360° view without any clouds. The end of the track is marked as Mount Sonder, but I doubt that this is the real summit, as the neighbour twin summit looks higher and it is also shown on my map that the other peak is the real summit. The path to the other summit would require some decent climbing, it doesn’t look too hard, except for one step. But anyway I decided not to go along that ridge, but rather stay on the track this time. Especially as I needed to go back everything again, so I contented myself. Shortly before the summit I overtook two girls, one was from Alice Springs and one from Melbourne. They were happy to meet me, as they said, now they have again some motivation to reach the summit. The way down was the same as going up. After some early lunch I drove to Glen Helen, I didn’t opt to swim in the billabong, instead I enjoyed the free shower for a while. As it became hot during the afternoon I didn’t mind that there was only cold water. At the late afternoon I stopped at Ellery Creek Big Hole for dinner, but as I just had a shower one hour ago, I wasn’t in the mood for a swim. Instead I watched the ducks swimming on the billabong. In order to avoid the camping fees, I drove another few minutes to Point Howard Lookout rest area for the night, as several others also did.

The destination is already insight during sunrise
There’s always a special atmosphere…
…being in the mountains during dawn
Summit post of Mount Sonder (South peak)
The ridge to the (main?) northern peak
Stunning view to the MacDonell ranges
This lizard has had a good camouflage…and it still made noise, so I was able to detect it
Walking down the ridge to the car park with such a nice view the whole time
Mount Sonder from near Glen Helen. The left (southern) peak, where I’ve been earlier that day, appears to be lower than the right (northern) peak.
The headwaters of the Finke river
Ellery Creek Big Hole in the late afternoon
GPX track

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