Alice Springs

Saturday morning seven weeks ago I had finally my appointment at the workshop in order to fix my rear brake, so I drove in less than one hour the last few kilometres into the second largest toen of the NT. As the workshop was a bit outside the town, they drove me back into downtown as service. In the meantime I purchased a DC plug for the CB radio as the original one was prone to a loose connection. Then I headed to the water tank Café, which has always some live music, in order to meet Cynthia. She couldn’t host me that night, because she was still living in the dorms of the university, but we had a nice conversation. She impressed me that she had been already to Germany for one year, but her German knowledge already disappeared again. Then I got suddenly a call, and the car was finished much faster that I expected. We quickly said goodbye, as my lift to the workshop already waited. In then end it was necessary to replace both rear breaks, as both bolts were leaking breaking fluid. They also fixed my left sidestep, which I just strapped to the brackets since the Gibb River road, and some other minor things. But they couldn’t find any problem with the cigarette lighter plug. I used that to connect my CB radio and the cooler, and the electricity sometimes break down (and sometimes not, yeah good failure description) on corrugated roads…I guess due to the vibrations. Well anyhow, I went just around the corner to bunnings and bought a cable and a second cigarette lighter plug in order to have a direct connection to the battery as backup. In the late afternoon I went to the parking area of the ANZAC oval to prepare my dinner, opposite to a pub, where in 5 min intervall drunken people fall out. One white bloke laid in the grass and processed his level, about 15m away from me, whereas a black bloke just went down on the sidewalk at the other side of the street. After a few minutes the police came by with lights and picked him up…nice service, but I don’t know why they didn’t got also the white bloke. I almost finished washing the dishes when three police officers came by, but they just suggested to leave the place, as they said they have a lot of problems with young people consuming drugs around that area. So, no problem I wanted to leave anyway and meet again Cynthia. In the end we ended up at the community garden which had some fundraising event ongoing. All the people from the suburb can rent a plot and grow their own vegetables and herbs and stuff like that. As we were a bit late they almost sold out their food and drinks, but we gave some donation in order to support the project. So we grabbed a seat and continued the exchange of our travel experiences from midday.

Finally in Alice…
…in between the MacDonell ranges
I’m just wondering about the conditions of admission 😊
Same, same, but…you see that fucking tiny difference 😠. Luckily the CB radio had a protection against wrong polarity.
Looking forward to check in😋

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