Bouldering in Katherine

Yesterday morning I went to the Bombs Away Boulder in Katherine, which is next to the hospital and the old airstrip which nowadays hosts the local museum. As the popular “Rising Sun” boulder is pretty tough and much higher as I anticipated, I opened up another route “Plan B” There was a rock directly in the landing zone and without anyone for spotting and a decent crash pad I didn’t want to have a hard landing, even if the hospital is just across the road 😉. In the beginning I struggled a bit with the moves, but in the end I tried it two more times. I gave also the other routes a go, but all of them are pretty overhanging and physically hard. It was a good training, but wasn’t too much fun for me. In the photo you can clearly see how overhanging the Rising Sun route is. After finishing bouldering I had at the construction site of the new 25MW solar farm, which is located about 7 kilometres north of the town directly next to the Stuart Highway. Surprisingly I could walk directly to the fence and could have a close look at the newly installed PV modules. The mounting system can even rotate around the horizontal axis in order to gain more power from the sunlight. In the early afternoon I walked along the old narrow gauge railway tracks and passed by the old railway station as well as the old railway bridge. Which was the only railway station in the NT built from concrete and the largest bridge along the line at all. The bridge is about 20 metres above the river. But in the rainy season it can be, that the Katherine River even rises that high and floods the whole town, as already done several times. In the late afternoon I drove out to Katherine gorge a nice landscape but pretty packed with lots of tourists. I made an afternoon walk to the Baruwei lookout. The way was well prepared and marked, hence not pretty hard. There are multiday walks up to the ninth gorge available. But as I had already a two days walk finished and as there were also signs that swimming is no longer possible, as the water flow almost ceased, I wasn’t really in a mode to start such a walk at all in the late dry season. After having dinner at the car park I decided to stay there over night, as there were also parking other cars around me.

Rising Sun is going all the way on the left through the overhanging part, whereas I set Plan B just straight up starting from the small crimp on the left and the central jug
The Knotts Crossing through the Katherine River near the hospital
The new solar farm in Katherine currently under construction
Old railway station in Katherine
The old water tank whivh was also used for some time as water supply for the town.
The water levels of the Katherine River can rise pretty high during rainy season…
…sometimes even flooding the railway bridge and the whole town
The start of the 13 km long Katherine gorge
From the Baruwei lookout you can nicely see the plains infront of the gorge
The 17 Mile creek is clearly visible due to the dark green trees along it

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