Tabletop Track – Day 2

Tuesday early morning I continued my walk in the direction, as the fire extincted during the night as I could observe. I started at 6:05 just when dawn begun and used my headlight only for the first few minutes. After I crossed the creek I walked through some high grass and light forest. The sun just came out and the dew just got up. This was a magic atmosphere which lasted just for a few minutes. Then suddenly I smelled smoke and no 50 metres later I reached the fire line. Luckily the fire was only remaining in some trunks and branches at this time. And I could savely cross into the burnt area. Now I’m save from the fire, I just need to make sure that no branches or trunks will fall on me, as they do when they burnt out. All the area still smelled badly but it was not a problem to breath. About after one kilometre I reached the fire track road, but as the fire came from that direction, I decided to further walk to Florence Falls. Almost all of the remaining track was already burnt, which was save for me, but not a really nice view. About 600 m before I reached the link to Florence Falls I crossed another small creek. The first flowing water since Wangi Creek the day before. I decided that this was a good spot to refill my water supplies and have my second breakfast. As the day is going to get hot again, I decided not to waste too much time and continued. My last information from three days ago was that the section between Florence Falls and Walker Creek is closed, but of what I could see was that actually it wouldn’t be worse than the last 6 kilometres. Hence, I decided to proceed to walk. And in case it gets really worse, I could still return to Florence Falls. After about 2 kilometres I crossed the next two creeks, which both had flowing, but as I had enough water for my trip to Walker Creek I didn’t got any water. And actually this was also the last water resource until Walker Creek. So if one would start from Florence Falls, then there would be no water until the creek after Tjenya Falls, which is really a long distance. The walk to the link to Walker Creek was mainly burnt down already, and it was getting noon again, which meant it was getting really hot again. When I reached the link down to Walker Creek I saw some bushfire pretty close, just in the direction where I was walking the day before. This was actually scary, as there’s no indication in Walker Creek that the bushfire is so close. I had also the impression that the ground near the link walk was just burnt down in the last 29 hours during my walk, as it was not yet burnt the day before. Getting down to walker creek took me another 40 minutes, before I could jump into the pool near camp 4 of Walker Creek to get a refreshing bath. This was also the point when I met again some people after the last two days at my own in the bush. After having a rest at the picnic area near the carpark we drove to the nearby Cascades. Janet and me had then eventually a short walk to the lower cascades in the evening. Before we had some dinner and prepared the car for the night there.

Mystical atmosphere during dawn
Then suddenly stumbled into the bushfire
Beside both sides of the fire track was bushfire remaining, and the wind came from the other side. Hence, I decided not to take this shortcut.
Interestingly the path is still visible. As the leafs are hard-packed there was too few air to get them burned
About 600 m before the link to Florence Falls, I found the next flowing creek…
…as well as about 2 km after the link.
After 29 hours I savely finished the loop at the link to Walker Creek.
What was really surprisingly was the nearby bushfire, which was just burning in an area where I was walking the day before and which was not officially closed.
After sweating for two days, I enjoyed a refreshing bath in that pool 😊
In the evening we went to the lower cascades
GPX track

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