Berry Springs – Walker Creek

Sunday my new travelmate Janet and me started our excursion across the Northern Territory. I just realised that this is my second car at all that I own, as I sold my first car more than 14 years ago. Just survived that time without an own car, until I arrived in Australia. Unfortunately, the car needed to get into the workshop in Darwin again and get fixed the sealings of the swivel hubs, which costs me two days. Additionally, the exhaust needs to get welded and I waited another two days for that to get sorted out. Hence, I stayed longer in Darwin as I expected. Jakub rented also a car for two days, so he and Megan joined us for the first hour or so until Berry Springs. Berry Springs is a popular weekend destination for locals from Darwin. You can swim, or better splash, in one of the three pools and have some barbecue in the shade. We opted for a short swim in the pools and skipped the barbecue. Instead we headed to a nearby Mango farm. The fruits were not yet ready for harvesting, but at least we could have a coffee, ice cream and other snacks. At the Mango farm we said goodbye to each other. Meg and Jakub went back to Darwin, as Jakub needed to catch a flight in the evening to Bali. Janet and me drove for another hour or so to Walker Creek in Litchfield National Park. We only set up the car for the night and had some dinner, whereas I prepared my large backpack for the next day.

Crossing Elizabeth River with the view back to Darwin
Meg and Jakub enjoying the refreshing wet
Janet, Meg, Jakub and me at the Mango farm

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