Moni – Maumere

Friday morning four weeks ago I took a bus to Maumere. We I entered they told me it’s 100k. I was just laughing about that price, and then they said 60k rupiah. I still was thinking that’s too much. During the drive I observed what the others were paying and gave them in the end 50k rupiah. They were a bit disappointed, but I pointed to the other passengers. And as they didn’t paid more, the coolie agreed to that price. I spoke also to a local girl and she told me that the price is 50k. So, that should be fine. We left the mountains of Moni and drove down the southern coast first, just to get up again and cross to the north. From here on the climate changed a bit and everything looked more dry than before. In Maumere there are again several bus stations and you have to take a bemo to get a connection. I decided to stay at a place about 30 kilometres east of Maumere. Joana was there already for a few days and at the neighbour bungalows there’re still some available. I got even a last minute invitation to join a wedding party in the evening, but somehow I didn’t feel that I wanted to do that on this precise date. Once arrived in Maumere a bunch of ojek drivers hopped into the always open door. Once, they were finished with yelling and nobody moved. I told them, that I can’t get out, as long as they’re standing in the door. After I got out several of them offered me their services and were also chasing for me, but with long arms I could get rid of them. Somehow they think foreigners (Mr. Buleh) can only sit in the back of a scooter instead in a Bemo. With the help of one ojek driver (yes, you should not always judge them, because they wear a helmet) I got into a bemo and drove to the traditional market. Here I was looking for some strawberries, but unfortunately there were none available. I asked several different people, but I always got the same answer. I saw some the day before, when I walked down from Kelimutu mountain, but I didn’t want to carry them for another day. Nevertheless, I was quite an attraction with my large backpack walking through the market. In the end several people suggested to go to Roxy supermarket in the city centre. So I took a another Bemo to get there, but also there were no strawberries available. They told me, there might be some in Ende. So in the end I gave again up the idea of strawberries for the second year in a row at this date, but as you know I already got fresh strawberries in January in Thailand this year. So after failing to get strawberries I had another bemo to bring me to the eastern bus terminal, from where I directly had a rural bemo to the bungalow resort. That’s a really nice place, and as I was alone I even got a reduced price including breakfast. The bungalow is directly on the shore and it reminded me to the one I had for one week in Thailand. After putting my staff in the bungalow I walked to Joana, as she was residing just a few hundred metres away. At her place we could enjoy together my birthday beer, this year not at lake Baikal, but still with a seaside view. There was another couple from South Tyrolean, so we could have a nice German speaking evening and dinner together.

Leaving the mountains and driving down to the sea, is a common thing of mountainous Flores island
All people are armed here…no, for sure not, this woman is going to the field with her daughter, and everyone owns a machete for that purpose
Reaching the southern shoreline again.
This girl sold some white powder. First I thought it’s something different, but after I tasted, I directly realised it’s sea salt. Everyone was very interested at the market, and the girls wanted to take photos again with me. And it’s always funny to them, as I’m at least 30 cm taller 🤣
Finally the Bemo to Lena cottages is as usual more than full in the beginning. All smaller children have to sit on some lap, doesn’t matter if you know the person or not.
Helmets are only necessary, if there is police around. Otherwise they are negligible, because most important is that the you look good and the scooter is loud, because that’s the feeling of MotoGP. 🤔Ähmm…yeah, exactly.
My bungalow is on the right. The smell of the flowers is hardly to describe 😍
Seaside view from my bungalow. The water is crystal clear and save for swimming and snorkeling
I enjoyed my Birthday Beer during sunset together with Joana

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