Labuan Bajo – Bajawa

Monday morning five weeks ago Bosco catched an Ojek for me and told the driver which bus I want to take. Now I felt again much more familiar with the environment, as I know which price I might expect for this drive. Most tourists take a private car, which might be faster, but in the end it doesn’t matter for me at which time I’ll arrive. Flores is completely different to Sumbawa. There’re much more and especially steeper mountains. Hence, it’s much greener and not as dry as Sumbawa. Furthermore it has a lot of different kind of flowers which smell nice. I recognised that a couple of times on Flores, especially in the western and middle. After leaving Labuan Bajo the road was directly winding up the first mountain and gave a view back. Hence, it’s not surprisingly that there are 7 different languages along the whole island. Additionally, Flores island itself is also a very large island anyway. The bus broke at least 3 times with an additional waiting time, and at the third stop I just went out to get a coffee, because I thought it’s ok, I need to wait anyway, but then suddenly it started driving away. Well, people along the road where shouting something and after 200 metres or so the bus stopped and again and I could get into it again. After a late lunch in Borong we arrived at the Bajawa bus terminal, which is about 2 kilometres away from town, after 11 hours driving. I asked for a Bemo but it seemed again that at this time there are no longer Bemos operating. So I was tired from the bus and didn’t want to walk, I opted for an Ojek. Surprisingly the first hotel I headed to was full. The second had space, but was a bit pricey in the beginning. I negotiated a bit down and included the breakfast, which was both fine in the end. I just wanted to relax on my bed, when I discovered a large mouse in my room. I told them, and they somehow got it out, but didn’t catched or killed it. Well 5 minutes later the same mouse came back. I told them again, but they didn’t react. In the end I was to move to another room, and they put the mouse to a field. At least they claimed…The next morning I saw again a mouse outside…

As second passenger, I opted for the seat with maximum space for my legs
Viewing down on our way up the mountain
There’s a lot of agriculture on the highlands…
…or on some terraces at the slope
Our bus broke down a couple of times during the drive
Real public transport during our late lunch break in Borong
At some highlands, the rice was already harvested
Along the last ascent before we reached Bajawa at about 1,100 metres altitude

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