Sumbawa Besar – Manggelewa – Pancasila

Monday morning one week ago Johny drove me to the bus terminal and helped me to catch the bus to Manggelewa. They made a bit of stress to depart on time at 8 o’clock, but just to make a half hour break for their breakfast 15 minutes later. Afterwards a newbie seemed to drive the bus as he never got into the third gear or above. Hence, we were sneaking on our way and three hours later I was badly surprised that we not made much more than 70 kilometres. Afterwards the driver changed and he eventually found the accelerator pedal. Now I definitely knew, it will be late today. At about two o’clock we finally reached Manggelewa, 2 hours later than I anticipated. I took my late lunch as I was really hungry and then opted to walk the few hundred metres to the main junction, as it was not clear when the bus driver decided to continue. At the main junction I asked around and as another bus just stopped there, but in the wrong direction, they gave me the information the bus to Kandidi will come at 17 o’clock. Ugghh…pretty late, but OK. Then it turned out that there should be a bus at 16 and 18 o’clock, but due to an engine failure the 16 o’clock bus was 30 minutes late and it was pretty full already. Nevertheless, I got luck and got a seat in the last row. When we arrived in Kandidi I asked for Pancasila and to my surprise the bus driver told me he’s driving there too. He was even so kind to directly drop me off at the homestay and use the horn to get the owner out, as it was now already 20:30 o’clock. This is pretty late for this small mountain village, as everything is closed and almost everyone is in their houses. I asked for some dinner, but he told me I might have bad luck, but should ask the young guys near the school. They’re hanging around there, as it’s the only good signal in the village. After some articulation and with the help of Google translate, some of them drove me to the only warung in the village. And the woman was happily willing to prepare a dish of rice and some non spicy things for me. I was pretty happy, not to drive the 10 km back with an Ojek to Kandidi. I wasn’t aware that it takes more than 12 hours, including waiting time. If I would have knewn before, I would have taken the bus 1 or 2 hours earlier in the morning from Sumbawa Besar.

View back to Sumbawa Besar…not that I always want to catch the garbage, it the probability to have it on the photos is just pretty high in Indonesia
Burning rice straw in front of the mountains
On the way to Manggelewa
Traditional outrigger fisher boats
Along the shore, but it’s pretty dry at the moment
My second bus of the day
It’s harvesting time at the moment in each village
The problem is not the construction works, the problem is that nobody can drive, especially not backwards and not if it gets narrow. Mirrors, no idea for what they’re good, just causing drag. The guy with the sunglasses is one of two coolies of our bus.
Mount Tambora during dusk
My bus ticket to Manggelewa

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