Excursion to Moyo Island

Saturday morning one week ago we went together with Johny and his friends and families for an overnight excursion to Moyo Island. First we drove in a typical small pickup truck to a fishermen’s village. From here we chartered a boat from a fishermen for the next 24 hours. As we were so many people, the boat need to do the 30 minutes sailing to the other shore three times. As we wanted to avoid to pay the expensive entrance fee for foreigners at Tanjung Pasir, we just stayed 50 metres away from it. Even the rangers saw us at one point, but as we were with so much local people, they didn’t asked for entrance fee. In the afternoon I relaxed on the beach, went for snorkeling and walked along the beach. The men prepared several their spears for hunting fish, which got eventually grilled on the camp fire. Some others went for collecting all kinds of sea shells. The snorkeling was very nice, as the corals are too deep to step on it during high tide. Additionally, there are just not enough people here to step onto them. There are lot of fish and other sealife to observe. The water is really crystal clear. In the evening we sat around the camp fire and grilled all the fish, which got catched during the evening. All fish was shared, and the locals always offered much more than I could eat. I just slept a bit on the beach, as the others also did. Maybe not as luxurious as the Lady Di tent a few kilometres in the resort, but for sure in a much better atmosphere. Some of them were just sitting around the fire the whole night. In the morning a last catch of fish was cooked in a spicy sauce before we sailed back to the Sumbawa Island. Here we attended a local celebration in the fishermen’s village, as a small boy got cut it’s penis. Everybody of the village went to the family, and everyone seem to be happy. Well that’s life here. We also were invited to have a small dish and some coffee before we drove back to town.

Icam, his wife and children, Nikki, and Nadine…
…Johny, with his wife and youngest sun, as well as Andita are driving with the scooter behind us
The first sailing is for woman and children, as the sea gets rough after 10 o’clock…with Mount Tambora in the background
Andita and Nikki from the Netherlands
Unfortunately the beach is full of garbage
Just one of several fishes during our stay
Rinjani on Lombok during sunset
In the night a moraine got catched…yes I tried some pieces after preparation
There’re large bee’s on the island
The last catch…
…got cooked in a spicy sauce
Group photo with not even all people 😉
Celebration in the fishermen’s village…the 0.24 Litre water cups made from plastic are pretty popular. The next rain will solve the problem…at least…I guess. Well OK, 2 months later these are on the shore of Moyo island. But hey, they’re cheap anyway, and very convenient. Isn’t that more important 🤑

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