Excursion to Batukaru volcano

Monday early morning I called an Gojek to bring me to the starting point of my hike at the Pura Luhur Taksu Agung hindu temple. As there’s absolutely no public transport available, it’s the only option at this early time. It seemed that the driver was a bit surprised how far I wanted to go, but he did very well and didn’t complain at all about the road conditions. The hiking path starts directly next to the last Hindu temple, and once you got it, you just need to follow it up the mountain. Unfortunately, after about half an hour it started to rain. Sure I put on my raining clothes, but the problem was that the path got really slippery at several sections. Hence, the hike up wasn’t a pleasure at all. You don’t see anything, you’re getting wet from the sweat and wet from the rain. It’s not cold at all, but it’s far from being nice. After one hour I met two other hikers on their way up. They offered me some cake and coffee, but due to the weather I preferred to go on. When I arrived on the ridge, things got even worse, as the way wasn’t following the ridge at all, but always went up and down to the other side of the wall. Beside trees there are men high bushes and the path is overgrown. Therefore you don’t see where you step onto. At one point I was stepping onto an old trunk and lost my balance. Trying to hold me, ended up in grabbing a thorny bush and I eventually scratched my right hand, which directly started bleeding. In the evening it took me pretty long to get all the spikes at of my skin with a tweezers. So I was not that happy when I arrived at the peak, but luckily I was finally above the clouds and it was dry. So could enjoy my snack. But as the clouds just surrounded the mountain there was not much to see. After finishing my snack I went further on to get down. The way down was steeper, but still dry. So I went continuously down. I had also the impression that there were less bushes around and you could more easily walk along the way. But unfortunately just a few minutes before I arrived at Pura Maja Gede, still at a more steeper section it started to rain again. Just after a short while the path was again very slippery, and it took me full concentration to not completely slip down, even as it dropped me down several times. Also there are some roots which could stabilise the soil, but sometimes it was just really hard to go for a few metres and not to slip with both feet. Once I arrived at the Pura Maja Gede temple, the rain stopped and a local offered me an ojek to the nearby village of Pujungan. There I had some late lunch during I wait for the local bus back to Tabanan. The curvy road crosses several mountain villages, where tourists still seem to be pretty rare.

The way in the mist
Luckily at one point, when I got high enough, the sun came out…
…and I even could sneak down through the gap between the clouds
It was dry at the peak…
…but as clouds were around, there wasn’t much to see, except the Hinduism temples
After going down below the base of the clouds, there was again some view possible
The real local transport in Bali, with private driver šŸ˜…. I was pretty happy to get a direct hook back to my hotel.
I went through various mountain villages, which always have some kind of special atmosphere…
…and the houses were decorated with beautiful flowers
Terraced rice paddies and coconut trees are also prevalent on Bali
GPX track

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