Lubuk Linggau – Prabumulih

Tuesday one week ago Yazir gave me a ride to the railway station and helped me buy the ticket. Yes, finally I made it to one of the final destinations of the south sumatra railway network. There is only one train in the gay and one in the night and the connection time to the other branch is horrible. Nevertheless it’s my preferred way of travel, so in essence take that option for sure. The landscape didn’t change to much and we were mainly riding through some kind of plantations and crossing several creeks. Therefore, not that spectacular but much more pleasant and calm than any bus in Sumatra. After Muara Enim there’s a second track. That’s due to all the heavy coal trains running south. Getting the other black gold our of the jungle. In the afternoon my host Tiyas picked me up at the train station. I stayed at the house of her parents. Her mother was very funny and jealous to her, because she didn’t understand what were were talking at all. In the evening we got some traditional delicious food on a local market, which is typically only offered during Ramadan. Afterwards we met with Kerry, a friend of her, in a small café and enjoyed all the food. Prabumulih is the centre of the oil and gas industry in South Sumatra with lot of domestic and international companies operating here. There’s even a museum dedicated to that, but even if it’s already finished, it didn’t open yet since half a year.

In Lubuklinggau…
…there’s a large oil storage. Probably the main reason, why this branch of the railway is still in operation.
People at work…is the apt description. The time is working for them 😉
The windows of the locomotive are protected as some indigenous people sometimes attack the train.
In the beginning we passed some local villages, probably mainly from farmers of different plantations.
In between also some mountains were insight.
There are a lot of loaded coal trains running south…the main purpose of the railway track at all. They run 24 hours. Passenger trains are just an obstacle for them.
The carriage was quite full after a while
Not only the parents…
…of Tiyas were very funny
The time schedule for the south Sumatra railway network
My train ticket

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