Kersik Tuo – Sungai Penuh – Pasar Sarolangun – Lubuk Linggau

Monday morning one week ago I catched a shared minivan infront of the homestay. Due to the road conditions in Sumatra you should start early in the morning in order to arrive at you planned destination at the same day, especially if you expect to change the transport several times. It’s a bit like hitchhiking, just that you’ll need to pay for it, as nobody knows when the bus, minivan or minibus will depart or arrive. The angkot in the morning was really small, so in essence I needed a complete bench for my own, but this was luckily no problem. Unfortunately, the minivan had a flat tire in between. Hence, it took in total almost 2 hours to get to Sungai Penuh. There the driver accepted to drive me to the location of the other company, even if it was on the map so I knew where we go. But in the end he wanted to have a ridiculous high price of 30k rupiah, just for about 35 kilometres. That was a bit in high. Then at the other bus company they told me there’s no through bus to Lubuklinggau, instead I need to take a minibus in the direction to Jambi and change again in Pasar Sarolangun. As I arrived shortly before 9 o’clock I guess the minibus just left, as in the end I waited one hour at their office before the minibus finally left. Again I got the seat in the first row, which is nice for the view, but again probably more expensive. Due to some language barrier I didn’t investigate that issue further. The road went further down, and with each 100 metres it got warmer. But as the road was pretty curvy along several creeks and deep valleys it took a lot of time until we arrived in the afternoon. The driver even made a break for lunch, which I didn’t expect. But for some rice and chicken I was supposed to pay 40k rupiah…again a scam at this day. After sitting in the bus again I was really upset about that. Luckily the last bus came pretty quickly. As far as I understood, it was a long distance bus running all the way to Jakarta. It was pretty full and somehow I might be the person too much in the bus, as another guy needed to stand. Unfortunately, just a few minutes after leaving the official bus station, we stopped again for some food. Everyone who was not fasting could get some food, and after again one hour, we finally continued the drive. Luckily I was only about 2 hours in the bus, as the smell was already not very nice…I had no idea where this bus departed. Finally I went out of the mountains after entering it just after Medan on the way to Bukit Lawang more than two weeks earlier. As the bus stopped suddenly in Lubuklinggau to break the fast my host Shellee picked me up at this gas station. We met with Yazir for dinner, with whom I actually was staying. Together with two other friends of them we visited the mosque in the evening and tried a local dried made from raw eggs, milk, sugar and ginger before we were heading to a night market.

My angkot in the morning
A private garbage collector getting rid of the waste. No idea what happens afterwards, either he returns in the evening to burn it…or maybe the wind takes care of it🤔. I guess he was only interested in the bottles, which he collected in the white bag.
The small road is winding along rivers…
…through the mountains…
…and eventually down of them.
In the last fully booked bus
Yazir, Shellee and me
My bus ticket

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