After arriving in Bukittinggi more than three weeks ago I got the first time really sick after one year of travelling. Instead of Tonsai Tummy, I actually got Sumatra tummy, and was forced to stay much longer than expected with doing literally nothing. Luckily I was hosted by Ferdi and his wife and the three sons. He’s really a great person with a warm heart. I was so happy to stay with them during that time. They’re living in the outskirts of Bukittinggi in a small house surrounded by a beautiful garden. Ferdi grows different kinds of plants and decorated the garden with a lot of flowers. He was also to open a small library for the local community. There was a contest about the libraries in the province during my last day, and I was really surprised as in total about 30 people came to his house and assessed his library. Ferdi told me afterwards that he won the contest of the province and now can take part of the nationwide contest. After this inspection I was invited to the library of Bukittinggi by the officials. There was not really another choice than to agree to it 😅. Ferdi sponsored one plant from his garden to the library and I had to honour to plant it there. The day before I also joined the literacy committee, with Ririn his sister, which was officially my host. This committee was newly founded and consists of young motivated people who want to motivate children, teenagers and adults to read more books in times when the smartphone is everywhere. Bukittinggi is inhabited by the Minang people, one of several tribes in Sumatra. They’ve there own language, but I couldn’t distinguish between Bahasa. They told me that in whole Indonesia about 500 different local languages and dialects exists throughout all the 17,000 different islands. At the last evening we set up a small farewell gathering with their friends from the committee. Therefore I offered to do “Wiener Kalbsschnitzel” to break the fast. I never did that before on my own, but I thought it shouldn’t be too difficult, if I get the right ingredients. Together with Ririn and her friends we went to the local market and got everything. Except for the lemon, which was really expensive here as it was imported from New Zealand. In the end everything went well and I got even the right tools to prepare the meal. The taste was also good and everybody liked it, except for the small kids. That’s true as the meat was a bit tough to chew, I regard this that the meat might not be the best…or it wasn’t a calf at all but an old bull.

Visiting a canyon with Ririn just south of the city
The youngest son is riding around the lovely garden infront of the house
Ferdi with his wife and the two older sons, which hosted me for one week, and his sis Ririn on the left
We visited another canyon just 15 minutes away from the house and the view to two nearby volcanoes
There’re still 1 HP cabs operating in the town
The clock tower in the centre of Bukittinggi
Part of the commission who came to assess the new small library in Ferdi’s house
Afterwards I was invited to the library in town
Getting groceries in the market
Everyone is in joyful anticipation of the Schnitzel
The gang was very happy after the dinner at my last evening

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