Little India and Chinatown

Two weeks ago I visited first Little India. I strolled through the streets until Sri Veeramakaliamman one of the oldest Hindu temples in Singapore. I went into for a short time, just shortly before the worship begun. So all the prayers prepared themselves for that. Afterwards I took the MRT to Chinatown. Some of the streets are now a tourist attraction. The old Chinese buildings seem to be only used in the base for souvenir shops or expensive restaurants. But I wasn’t looking for that. Instead I headed for a Buddhism temple, where one of teeth of Buddha is on display. It’s a bit tricky to find, because it’s not in the basement where part of the small 10,000 Buddhas are on display and almost all tourists making pictures. Instead it’s on the fourth floor, where actually no pictures are allowed. The teeth itself is in a golden stupa and behind behind bulletproof glass. Afterwards I walked a bit along the streets of old Chinatown. As the Chinese were sometimes very poor at ancient times, they couldn’t even afford their own dead and funeral. Hence, at the street next to that temple there where houses for old people. Once you enter these houses, it’s clear that you not exit it alive. At another temple, close to the financial district, there is now a 40m long wall painting, which describes the arrival of the first Chinese people about 200 years ago and their living in Singapore. In the evening I met my new host Dinah. Originally she’s from Borneo but lives since some years in Singapore with her family.

Busy streets in Little India
Sri Veeramakaliamman
The ground floor of the Buddhism temple with the teeth of Buddha and the 10,000 small Buddhas at the wall
The 40 m wall painting…
…describing the history of the Chinese in Singapore
Me, Dinah and her lovely cat

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