From Botanical Garden to Sentosa Island

Sunday one week ago I headed to the Botanical Garden, which has some kind of world heritage protection and except for the Orchide Garden, there is no entrance fee. Due to the day of the week a lot of people were around and enjoying their Sunday afternoon. I was walking along the garden and took the exit on the other end, just to get to Farrer Road. This was a good decision, as the afternoon rain was approaching quickly. At some of the sidewalks there is a roof, which shields you from sun and rain. Luckily I just arrived there before the shower began. Even as Singapore is one of the most connected cities in the world, the WiFi in the MRT is even worse than in Russia. Only some of the MRT stations are equipped with free WiFi, whereas in the train there is no WiFi at all.

After the botanical garden I was heading to the Gillman Baracks a centre of Art. I went also into the Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, well it was for free, and yes it’s art is pretty modern. Nevertheless, I saw a “Paper Nautilus Shell” in a meteorite from the Campo del Cielo site. I think it was the first time I saw such kind in my life. Singapore has a lots of parks and the most of them are connected via the park connector. Hence, I started walking up to Telok Blangah and crossed via the Henderson Waves bridge over to finally arrive at Mount Faber, the second highest point of Singapore. Here, again hords of tourists from mainland China were approaching. As usual in groups. Once, a group finished the next one were dropped off with a bus, just a few metres away in order to take “some” photos. After walking down to Harbour Front I crossed over the bridge to Sentosa Island. This island is an absolutely artificial tourist entertainment complex, where you can spent at several locations a lot of money I guess. Hence, I was surprised that I didn’t need to pay entrance fee, just to walk through to Palawan beach, where the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia” is supposed to be located. Unfortunately, I was a bit late and the point was closed for today. The point itself is located at an islet, just a few metres off Sentosa island. So we recall, the southernmost point of continental Asia is at an island infront of Sentosa Island, which infact connects to Singapore island, and its southernmost point, is not even more south as Sentosa island. So, I you got it that this is another tourist trap and that there was no need to go there by night, just to receive some Fine. In the end I headed back to the last stop of the monorail. Surprisingly, they didn’t want to see a ticket, but once I got off at harbour front I realised that ticket checking is done the other way around 😊…and it costs a ridiculous amount of 4 S$😳…which is a multitude of normal MRT fares with the EZ-card…gangsters.

Botanical Garden
Some nice, but for sure expensive houses, at the other side
Some extraterrestrial stardust…called iron in the Contemporary Art Museum in Singapore
View from Telok Blangah
Crossing Henderson Waves
Arriving at the second highest point of Singapore
The oil refineries can clearly be distincted due to their flares
Financial district and on the right are the construction works at the former Tanjong Pagar railway station, where I arrived three days ago
Mount Faber without Chinese is only a matter of the point of view
The Merlion at the Marina Bay is under construction, so at least here is a small second one
German technology is just everywhere…you can’t escape from it
And some German cruise ships are at harbour front
There no lake nor dreams, just an entertainment industry on that island
That’s the suspension bridge which finally would lead to the southernmost point of continental Asia…no thanks, I’ve already visited the real southernmost point just 4 days ago

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