Along the Quays through Singapore

Saturday one week ago I went to downtown with the MRT from Connie’s place, which was my host for three nights. First I walked along the old British administrative buildings until I reached the Singapore River. After crossing the Singapore river I walked it upstream. Passing Boat Quay, Clarke Quay up until Robertson Quay. Which are the oldest quarter of Singapore, and have been founded 200 years ago. Nowadays, there is no longer any trading possible there, also as the Singapore River is now separated by the Marina Barrage from the sea, making the mouth of the river completely out of freshwater. After leaving the Quays I headed to Emerald Hill Road, crossing Orchard Road, which is the large shopping street with countless shopping malls. No the skyview from the ION tower at the 55th floor is no longer free, you’ve to spend 20 S$ in the shopping mall, what a Fine City Singapore just is. In Emerald hill road lots of newly restored houses from the beginning of the 20th century can be found. I continued to Newton MRT station (was looking for his three axioms, but couldn’t find them 😏). Finally I headed to Fort Canning Hill, which seemed to be a quite popular photo location. Afterwards I met with my Connie, and Natalie from Singapore, Will from the UK, Victor from Mexico in Cuscadan Patio. I liked the location. There are some bars with cheap beer, good music and we had a lot of fun during the night. Especially in the Karaoke bar, even if there the beer was bad. As it was already late, Connie wanted to have a chocolate. Unfortunately, the only possibility was MC, but she couldn’t get one, as the machine was not working. At least we met another funny guy from Australia, with Serbia-Croatian roots, there, and had a nice conversation.

This 5 start hotel is still under construction, hence I couldn’t check in there
Nowadays the national gallery is inside this old building
One of the oldest bridges in town, at the former entrance to the old harbour – the Quays along the Singapore river
Emerald Hill Road…
…has still some nice old houses and spread a different flair than adjacent quarters
View from Fort Canning Hill to the financial district
Want to crab some food πŸ˜…
After picking an Erdinger Weissbier at the 7/11 enjoying it at a public rooftop with the other CS’ers
Didn’t know that these rules also exist in English πŸ˜‚

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